14 Vastu Tips for Happy Married Life


14 Vastu Tips for Happy Married Life
Marriage is a culturally or ritually identified partnership or legal agreement between two people. Rather marriage is the union of two hearts. This determines privileges and responsibilities between them, between them and their children, and between them and their in-laws. The meaning of marriage differs according to different societies, but it is generally an organization in which social connections, usually romantic and physical relation-related, are identified. When described generally, marriage is regarded a social worldwide.

Various kinds of problems in married life are gradually increasing. And presently it’s becoming a common problem among the married couple. Sometimes the problems lead to the end of the sweet relationship and sometime it’s becoming a life -long adjustment matter. But without giving up the relationship, we need to find out the problems and try to solve it out.

Vastu plays a vital role to make our married life happy. If we are not aware of this matter, we must victim of these. But we can’t solve these due to our ignorance about Vastu knowledge. The compatibility of spouse would be really important in this matter. If you have got a defect in Vastu, the compatibility with your partner would come to an end.

We are presenting here the main things of the Vastu, related to “Happy Married Life”….

1. You must keep your bedroom in the southwest direction of the house.
2. Even when it comes to the placement of bed, you must keep the same in the southwest position of the room.
3. The head side of the bed must be in the south direction. It is preferable to use the bed made up of wood instead of metal.
4. The walls of the bedroom must be in light colors. The bed room is green, mild red and increased light red are ideal ones. While mild shades are more suitable, avoid red.
5. The entrance through which you get into your bed room is regarded an icon of the possibilities your lifestyle has to provide you and should open the door with at least 90 degree or more or it would be the best if you open the entrance door completely because the door is the symbol of your fortune.
6. Always cover the knife and pickle at your kitchen.
7. In order to bring happiness and love in your life, the bedroom must always be square or rectangle.
8. Any types of financial equipments must be kept in the Eastern as well as Northern area.
9. A newly wedded couple must not use bedroom in the North-Eastern part.
10. You should not keep TV or computer in the bedroom.
11. The underground water tank must not be placed in the South West direction.
12. Individual identification such as any single pet bird, or any ingle pet animal. Always select in pair.
13. Never rest under the ray. It causes needless stress and is also damaging of your health.
14. Placing of mirrors should never be placed in a couple’s bedroom; this is the cause of uncertainty and justifications and misunderstandings. If there is the reflection on the bed, it would be the best that it should cover by cloths or anything else, especially the evening time.

This is true that all the things are really difficult to follow up. But these are not impossible. So please maintain all these and make your married life happy for ever after.


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