Leo Moon Sign Simha Rashi 2018 .

Leo Moon Sign Simha Rashi 2018


Through education you can become a really learned man this year. But the thing to worry is that, you may be tempted to do negative things. This is quite uncharacteristic of you, as people who are born in the month of Bhadra are normally men of good intentions. A lot of suffering due to illness is in store for you. You also have a strong luck for possession. And even your enemies will never break through to harm you. In this year you could never prevent being a spendthrift. Saving money will not be the thing you are worried for. There is a full possibility that during this 2018 you may buy a new car. Other transport may be at your service all the time. Glamour is the name for you. You will have a son.

Though a short height characterizes you, the glamorous bronze skin can make you the centre of attraction. Curly flowing hair and a chubby face make you all the more adorable. A kind of polarities is seen inside you, at one hand you are tender and on the other you are tough and hardworking. Some people can handle you with extreme care and some other may treat you with rudeness. More you will be respected, more you will be insulted. These coming three sixty five days can prove to be very ripe for you in literary career. You may create some extraordinary piece of success in music or writing or acting. The main cause for your success is the high reaching expectations of you.


Your mother may be benevolent as usual. She might give you countless love and affection. But you may fail to recognize this love. At some black hour of adversity you may start some unpleasant argument with her.

This year can create a distance between you and your father. Naturally you will be deprived of your father's grace.

Moreover a rather disheartening lack of bond between your brothers may appear. Any single opportunity of argument will not be left unused.


Well you are considered to be a prodigy as far as education is concerned. But somehow your process of learning will be repeatedly hindered. As long as you are whimsical, you will not be able to attain a higher degree. But you are very bright, patient and laborious, which might help you in being termed as a major figure in the world of learning.


Success will only be at your feet, if you work independently. Excessive work may do the same thing. Multiple talents can be seen in your character, like acting, music, love of literature, even interest in astrology. At your early life, you can have a series of employment and resignation. No job will be your favorite. But if you go for professions like teaching or clergy, then you will definitely be a huge success. Otherwise, jobs like bank, life insurance, or in audit section can allow you to meet bread's end. In railways or in cruise ship, you may find plenty of recruitment.

When you reach your middle age, you might have money enough to make a house of your own.

However, trades of paper, cement, iron, or gold, silver can give a huge annual turnover. But hey, this is a field of pure experiment and experience. So never worry, if you face some failure during your initial business endeavors. You can also tie up with foreign companies to profit more. Do not ever go for partnership business, because you yourself are not reliable as partner. You are strongly advised to retain your patience high, and then only you can have a feather in your crown.

Romance and Marriage:

It is really difficult to find a more idealistic lover than you. But for some reason or the other, your love affairs will not work. In future, a happy marriage is not possible for you. However, a good luck of children can make up this unhappiness to some extent.


A regular walk in open air, and living at rural place, is the best prescription that a doctor can write you. You will be sound in health, but however, some small illnesses will have their ways, like jaundice, or acidity and like this. Food poisoning, and cold and cough are regular with you. Other diseases like related to eyes, or pancreatic discomfort can be seen in a regular basis.


Like a typical woman, though as patriarchy defines it, you will fall short of pragmatic knowledge in the following year. In aesthetics there is none as much proficient as you. You lack decisive power, therefore, take decision on someone else's suggestions. This someone may be honest, but in future you can have issues regarding this.

It is inevitable that your married life could not be a bed of roses. But you can manage with a great luck of child. Though like every woman you may find affection from your husband, it will not be possible most of the time for your husband to provide that.

Arthritis, piles are some problems that may recur in your life. But stay aware, as chances are there, that you will have a sudden fall, causing a serious injury.

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