Capricorn Moon Sign Makara Rashi 2018 .

Capricorn Moon Sign Makara Rashi 2018


Generally you have a good height. In accordance to your large stature, you have an angry temper too. This resentment would not hamper your business career. Despite of your sudden change of temper you may have a fair chance of improving business. It is said that you have a sacrificial nature in you. On the contrary, this year may make you one of the most known rich people in your locality. You may have a thirst for knowing more. Thus you can end up as a really learned person at the end of the year. Your bulky body will be of serious concern for you. And you would behave as a miserly person. There will be a surprising chance for you to stay in some foreign country. If not so, you can at least travel outside of this country for various purposes.

In this 2018, you may have a mature line of thought. A new power would emerge in your character to control your undue passions. The only thing you will consider more than anything is self respect. And by no means you will allow anything raise a finger at it. Therefore before undoing any work you would certainly think twice.

Though you have an attitude of suspicion towards everything and everyone, you do not back out from your responsibility. In the field of culture you can leave a footmark of your genuine artistic pursuit. You may have a successful career in music, in acting or in literature. You feel obliged to fulfill any promise you have made. This shows your responsible character.


Your mother must be a woman of powerful personality. She is also a person of sharp wits and intelligence. You must become oblivious to the fact that she is the power through which you can attain success, and make argument with her.

The major contribution of your father in the development of your life is only the financial support. Through family legacy, you will soon become the owner of your father's wealth. But your father can also cooperate with you in terms of anything else rather than money.

For a long time in recent past, you have had enough of help and cooperation from your brothers. But all of a sudden you can be deprived of this blessing.


It is one of your drawbacks that you tend to forget things soon. But a bad remembrance will not be a major problem in your study. One of the reasons for you excellent academic career is that you are very hardworking and studious. With the help of this quality of your character you can go far in studies of commerce. You can also have excellence in any branch of engineering. There is possibility of traveling to foreign because of your higher studies.


As a political leader of high rank your views may not collude to that of your co-workers. This lack of similarity in view may result in serious disconcertment between you people. In job, you might possibly be expelled from your position by your higher authorities. Therefore, your goal must be to achieve a higher position in your office. In this new position of reputation none will be able to sack you. In any kind of business you are to have extreme success. Be it sole endeavor of a partnership, the trade is all yours. You have a tendency to save money. The trades that are suggested for you are that of, tea, suiting and shirting, iron goods, and leather. In business only you can be an immensely successful man. You can run some agency related business. Else you can also try for import export business, which may be able to make you rich and fortunate. It is seen they you can be helped by someone tall and dark. For business or job, there is a possibility of abroad trip, once or even twice in this following year. After your age of forty you may be a proud owner of a spacious house. You should stay careful between your ages of twenty four to thirty three. This period may bring you a phase of danger and instability. After thirty five your good fate will come back to you, and will not leave you till you reach the age of forty nine.

Romance and Marriage:

It seems you are not a man of love before your marriage. But in marriage too you are not leading a life of satisfaction. Your relation with your spouse is not friendly. During your married life, after the age of forty three, there is a strong chance of falling in love in your fate. This can be a reason for your disagreement with your wife, and eventually demand a divorce or separation between you two. You may marry more than once. You can have one or two children.


Food poisoning, arthritis, liver problems, eye disease, or acidity may hamper your otherwise sound physical condition. Even you have an ominous risk of getting injured in some fatal accident. But if you remain careful about these you can have a narrow escape from these things.


You are suspicious of everything around you. You keep a strict account of your expenses. You do not like to talk much. You avoid being engaged in any kind of issues related to others. You might be intelligent but you love to gossip a lot. An academic excellence is not the thing you should expect for. You are a government employee, and in this job you are likely to have fortune. Though intelligent, you do not have an adaptive quality. Therefore you can have problems with other people in your family. You may get more respect from people of outer world, than from your near ones. A bad marital life should be hoped for. Some minor health issues may occur like arthritis, liver disease, and skin disease. Your children may be a place of comfort for your life.

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