Cancer Moon Sign Karkat Rashi 2018 .

Cancer Moon Sign Karkat Rashi 2018


As the natives of karkata rashi, like you commence their journey through this 2018, they will gradually become exponents of various brunches of philosophy. You will notice that you now have a tendency to be charitable through the year. This certainly assures the fact that you will be a rich and prosperous man throughout the year, which will allow you for charity. Though you are rendered with a long and unperturbed life, sometimes you can be facing rigorous hardship. Yes, you have a son, but risk is there you will be left without any heir. It is actually lucky that you have thirst for knowledge, and a bravery to follow your path. But due to the presence of excessive emotion and tenderness your stability will be affected, and therefore you can roam around during this year. When there comes any crisis, it is your style to serve it and resolve it without any timidity. To seriously think and proceed is not actually you.

You are a man of fair complexion, though a short height is what you think to be your drawback. You will have curly hair and a pair of eloquent rectangular eyes. Now it seems, you will be in love with water sports, and any opportunity of water transport will be a thing of pleasure for you.

Now coming to the bad effects of this year on you, first comes that, you will come across some bad company which will result in poor choice and low intentions on your part. Number of failure will smear your life. This can make you a little impatient. In general you will feel a discontent towards life itself. Keep steady your feet, as you can turn up being a drunkard.


This year your maternal place of stars will remain rather problematic. Normally the outlook to life you nurture will be at odds with the one endeared by her. So there exists a series of argument between you and your mother, continuing through the year.

As far as your father is concerned, he will definitely be of help to you, but here also a problem of temper will follow. You should try more to adapt to other people's mentality, especially to your father.

This is the first time that you can have a strong and amiable bond with your brothers. And it will perhaps benefit you, as your brother's increasing good name may help you to raise yours.


A matter of anxiety is that your luck for education seems to be somehow star crossed. You can have chances of gaining bits of knowledge in several fields like music, or say in medicine, or in engineering. All of these will bring you your little success and name but none can provide you a lasting professional career.


Like any other business man, your business graph will have extreme curves of success and failure. You can have achievement in trades like civil construction, liquid things, agriculture, wine, or iron. But you should prepare a strong mind to confront any failure in near future. There might be hands of someone else to lift your bad economic crisis. And very interestingly, it is seen, that there is a contribution of some female person, who will help you in your adverse time. If you try for some job, you are advised to apply for some salesman job, where you are expected to excel. A transferrable job is at store for you this year. It is anticipated that if you try to work at some factory related to iron, life insurance, motor of some kind, bank, electric hardware, it will be fortunate for you. Yet, you are seen to be more beneficial in terms of business rather than in job. It is good news for you to know that you will be able to make a house of your own between the years of thirty three and forty two.

Romance and Marriage:

In case you are not married; there will be little urge on your part to be in any relationship. If you are already married, this year will prove to be a glorious period for your conjugal life. You can expect only one son for you. This only son of you may prove himself to be immensely successful in his life.


In this new approaching year, you should not worry much about your health. Though no serious problem is examined but some minor illnesses will continue to disturb you, namely those related to brain, heart, constipation, and at its most severe the problem of piles will arise. You must be also watchful about any uneasiness in your bladder, which has a chance to culminate in further serious problem.


You have a cool temperament. You are a person who could be satisfied with tiny joys of life. Though not totally a workaholic, you might have interest in this aspect of life. But who does not love to be a little lazy sometimes? So do you. And if patriarchy says women lack practical knowledge, you can pose a challenge for them with your field knowledge. In academy, dance, music or any cultural activity, you will end up being a total success within this year.

As it is bliss to all women, you have a fetish for keeping your living place near and clean and well decorated. You may be able to maintain a happy marriage life. But the opposite situation can arrive if you have a serious husband, exactly contrary to your playful nature.

Teaching profession is the best one you can do with. It is likely that, during this 2018, you can get a job in some government or private school. Your ability of wondering speech will definitely facilitate your career. Eventually, a poor health may arrive for you now, with symptoms of gynecological problem, or headache, or diseases concerning stomach.

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