Aquarius Moon Sign Kumbha Rashi 2018 .

Aquarius Moon Sign Kumbha Rashi 2018


The coming 2018 will see a totally different person in you. You will become a very helpful individual. For this helping nature you can make a lot of new friends. And also because of your helping nature people would befriend you for their own purposes. You are a powerful man, with a great height, which is more than average. It is advised that you could stay careful about diseases this following year. It is expected that you have a chance to be ill often. Either you will be a frequent traveler to abroad or you will have to stay in a foreign country because of some personal reasons.

You could be a controlled person. Certain calmness pervades your character. You like to do things in a cool manner. But some issues related to some woman or possibly your wife, will make you a little anxious. People can count on you as you have a strong sense of responsibility. You have an obedient attitude but when something makes you angry it is hard to cool you down. Though is seen that you are very much self-centered but you have chance to gain popularity in doing social services.

Your oratory skill is somewhat envious. With the virtue of this skill you can have fame in fields of politics, or administration, or religion.


You have a blessed relationship with your mother. Whenever you are in need of help, either in distress or in pleasure, your mother is always beside you.

Though your father should have a tremendous influence on the growth of your character, you may have only numbered days with him. At a very early age you can lose him.

Brother can be friendly towards you. They will come up whenever is necessary. But for some arbitrary reason you can severe your relation with them. And no help is expected from your brothers. This detachment with your brothers may be a long one before it finally comes to reconciliation.

Romance and Marriage:

You are a lucky man indeed in case of your love life. Your lover is gorgeous. And you may have the bliss to marry your lover. Therefore, you may have the fortune of marrying a person of your own choice. She will be the kind of person you totally admire. You do not have many children. But the few you have would make you and your whole family proud. You can have an average married life of bliss.


You are a person who will meet success after a long time of struggle. Both in job and in business your fate would be late to bring success. In job, your improvement is hindered at first. And in business too, your financial growth will be a little more than zero. But after a great toil you may witness fortune. After the age of thirty two, your monetary status would allow to have your own house and car.

Offbeat business like trade of thread, or stone can make you a billionaire. You should also try in business of paper or press related business.

As a film director or film producer, there is a chance of immense economic growth in your life.

If you have professional connection with some foreign organization it may be of help to your financial status. By this you may have a new turn of luck. It is also possible, that you could have opportunity to go to places abroad several times. Therefore you may become a rich person during the latter half of your professional career.


Thankfully your health in this year may be more or less sound. You can have minor illnesses like bronchitis. Some problems related to eye or cornea is expected to appear at this moment. It is possible that some accident may take place, and you would harm your knees. Take care and do not neglect any of these problems, which though seem minor, may culminate in major disease.


You are quite a talented person. This 2018 may prove to be a lucky year for you. A lady of versatile talent and capabilities, you may shine in fields of literature and art. And it is possible that you may also have mastery in medical sciences and in other branches of scientific studies. Unlike a lady of conservative thought, you are an angry young woman. Your haughty attitude is the sole reason that you have only a few friends. So, your luck with friends is quite low. On the contrary, you have a considerable amount of enemies who may turn up to harm you in this year.

Are you doing some Official job? Then it is quite possible that you have a hindered improvement in career. Your married life will be a bed of roses indeed. You would be a proud parent of your good child. You may have a high blood pressure. A health issue of arthritis may disturb you a lot this time. You have a risk of falling down from a higher place which may injure you seriously.

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