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Number 5
The ruling planet for this native is known as mercury. The temperament of these people is supple as well as flexible. They are also having a soft nature as well as amicable at heart. It is really easy for them to make friends. They are the best professionals in whatever projects provided to them. They have an optimistic view with a cheerful as well as encouraging nature. They have a great motivation towards whatever work been assigned to them.

Since they have fantastic verbal skills, the scope for articulating communication would be great for them. The magnetic qualities as well as charisma in them have made them a great leader. Swaying people in no time have been proved to them for their persuasive powers. They have inquisitive nature for every matter which would have their concern. 

Mercury is a volatile planet. If the planet Mercury is mixed with beneficial planet like Jupiter, the resident will be intellectual and fortunate. If the planet Mercury is mixed with the evil planet like Saturn, resident’s intelligence bent to the bad sides and he may chose the path of lie and fraud. It happens because 5 is marked on 2 planets, actually, quite opposing and unsuited. It may lead the native in the arena of commerce or writing.

The native belong to the number 5 have more auspicious features if the native born on the Wednesday or in the planetary hour of the planet Mercury on the 21st, 14th or 5th day of any month. Especially it is the high time it the native is born in between 21st May to 21st June or 23rd August to 23rd September. It is because the planet Mercury is the governing planet of Gemini and Virgo.

They have dynamism to enjoy every step of life. They do not have an intention to miss anything in their life. The innocence as well simplicity in life is been associated with them. This is the time for them to be really had a great talent and acquisition in every field. The most important quality in them would be the fact that, they do not wish to be stagnant throughout their life. Rather it is very important for them to get participation in a genuine manner with regards to their growth. The inherited quality in them has made the things really easy to get assessed.

The negative point for these people would be with regards to their relationship. They would hardly have any stability with regards to their relationship. They deal with various relationships but have less talent to make a commitment with even a single relationship. The quality in tem is to cope up in even a very complicated situation. Since they don’t have much patient for any activity or a particular piece of work, they generally end up with anxiety as well as restlessness.

The suitable profession for them would be in the field of travelling, sale sector, investors, business personnel, stockers, bankers etc. The disease such as cold, nervousness, skin related problems are seen in them.