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Number 2
People with number 2 in their numerology are having their ruling planet as moon. The most sensitive people in the world would be with number 2. The individuals with this numerology have got shy, charming, soft as well as gentle nature in their temperament. Most of the people can hardly understand them as they are introvert in nature and are really hard to detect. They are really good to other as they really cooperate with them.

They have a dual mind and wish to have a positive impression towards the people whom they do not know. Diplomacy is their strength where as dualism can be stated as their weakness.  

The number 2 possesses an inborn kindliness and tremendous alertness of the beliefs of himself and others. As they are connected with the intricacies of emotions, they may make out the big deal from a word or a sign or an unspoken feeling. One of their greatest lessons in their life is to discover the balance of sensitivity. It may help them for becoming a well – being. Rather than getting hurt or angry due to their sensitivity, they should lean to utilize their duties for the profit of everyone. Though their kindliness may think as their weakness, in fact at their young age, it is one of their significant strengths.

They are having a good behavior toward others with the characteristics like humbleness, peacefulness, love, spirituality etc. They are hospitable, thoughtful as well as obliging towards others. They have got a wonderful sixth sense as they can easily make out what others are wanting. They can definitely have a value towards beauty of anything. Romance is always there in their blood with a broad perspective of analyzing each efforts with quarrel as well as fights.

The quality and ability to work have made them one among the mediator. They are really kind to people and are known to provide an unbiased justice. They are really honest and justified with a fair intention for whatever they think and whatever they do. Since they have got organizational skills, they would definitely have a scope to be the best team workers. Since they have got a drawback of pessimism, they are unable to make best out of their life.

They are the expert of compromising and of keeping peace in their surroundings. As the vital member of their team, they never wish any recognition. They want complete accurateness in their work.

The number 2 may sometime turn into excessive sensitive. They can find it difficult to come to a decision sometimes. They frequently struggle against uncertainty.

It is likely for them to develop various types of negative traits. Their personality growth will be a hindrance as and when the negative traits in their blood become really active. Some of the negative characteristics with them would be fear, shyness, sluggish attitude, lack of interest etc. If they are having an indifferent attitude, they can definitely be dull and drowsy.

Suitable profession for the people with numerology 2 would be designing, architecture, advisor, diplomats, healers etc.