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This number is a very special number which has its relation with the three elements of the solar system of the Sun, Moon and the earth. There are some relations of astrology with this number numerology. There are 108 beads as per Hindus to take the name of Gods. Then there are 12 zodiac signs multiplied with the 9 planets of the universe give the magic number 108. There are 108 names of every Hindu god.

Ruling Planets :


Number 108 is ruled by Mars since the number adds up to 9. But as we all know that number 1 is ruled by Sun, and number 8 is ruled by Saturn, and as we know that number 0 has its infinite positive effect. But as per the Hindus, it is the soul which protects us from destruction. Since Saturn creates difficulties in life yet this number will be blessed with a safe journey. Sun gives leadership and strength and intelligence. It is said that the pair of Sun, Mars, and Saturn generates good results.

Characteristics :


Even if Saturn gives you hurdle in your life and career you will overcome them with courage and double your strength. You have to believe in yourself and then you can achieve what you want. They are devoid of doing immediate judgment for the people and are open-minded. They like to be free spirited with a satisfactory knowledge in business. The other characteristics are :

  • Adventurous
  • Bold
  • Daredevil
  • Extraordinary
  • Courage
  • Confident

Marriage and Love Numerology :


You become generous in love with endless time and understanding of your partner and it will not differentiate you whether you are a man or a woman. You will always get love from your partner and at the same time will spread love to all especially you will take good care of your partner. Your relationship will be joyful and enjoy each other’s company even if there is less compatibility.

Business and Career Numerology :


The best career options will be doctor, engineer, professor, and politician. This number will be successful in any business. If you want to keep your business name representing this number then it will be successful due to the planetary benefits. The profits would be at a magnanimous height that it can feed generations after generations. However, the name should be perfect as if there is any defect will have suffered you from loss. It is recommended that you also check with your name if they are compatible to remain secured.

Financial Numerology :


The financial stability will be there as they are good at their business and have stiff career growth. They are well disciplined and don’t waste money unnecessarily.

Health Numerology :


Health conditions will be good throughout your life but some of the health traits will be blood pressure, eye trouble, kidney issues, brain and nerve issues and also throat issues.

Destiny position :


This number is self-motivated and acts as a philanthropist. They are independent and has the natural capability to get the pulse of others.

Heart’s desire :


This number can handle great business deals and has a natural view of the universal demands. They can benefit people with their demands and manage them skilfully.

Angel number :


It is believed that the angels will send you signals to you in the way of numbers that you see in everyday life and don’t give up unless you become aware of it. This will give you the signal to start something new all over again and the change will result in positive outputs. They will bless you with patience, persistence, and intelligence.