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Numerology believes that, before you achieve salvation, you go through many lives and incarnation. Each of them serves their own purpose. You may make some mistakes in this process. And such errors tend to carry to your next birth. If your expression number is 13,14,16 and 19, you must immediately read this and find the correct remedy of your past karma.


Karmic Debt Number 13 :

  • Frustrations are on the cards for Karmic Debts 13 individuals.
  • Any task would pose difficulties that you need to fulfill by putting all your efforts.
  • The Karmic Number 13 are inflicted, if the individual has indulged himself or herself with vices like laziness, decisions affecting others negatively and most importantly taking advantage if anyone’s weakness.
  • Sometimes such individuals feel like giving up or surrendering to the adversity.
  • Individuals are advised to keep their heads high and be always positive for only the fullest hard work from them and will bear the ultimate result.
  • They must always keep sticking to their bull’s eyes.
  • As an individual with 13 expression number, you may be tempted by the more natural ways or shortcuts. Your job is to avoid them as they are a trap to throw you into the backtrack again.
  • Individuals tend to suffer from low self-esteem for such failure of the first attempt.
  • To combat this, start making a schedule of your activities. You need to follow your entire little task by the time table.
  • Never loosen up, and you will have things under control.

Karmic Debt Number 14 :

  • If you were abused and were chained in some form or where the cause of someone’s loss of freedom, then you will be inflicted with Karmic Debt Number 14.
  • In such a scenario, the individuals have to face volatile situations and unwanted transitions.
  • Individuals find themselves becoming negatively affected by their own privileges and freedom this lifetime.
  • Mostly they become addicted to stimulants like drugs, excess smoking or alcoholic.
  • Individuals become overtly addicted to physical pleasure from multiple partners or food. This results in eating disorder, obesity, and STDs.
  • To combat this, individuals must learn to be modest.
  • They must bring a strong grip on their lifestyle.
  • If you have 14, you must try meditation and wellness therapy. This may give you adaptability and strength to combat ever changing situations.
  • Identify the right direction and stay committed to your loved one.
  • Always keep your dream straight and dear ones near to keep yourself grounded.

Karmic Debt Number 16 :

  • Number 16 in Karmic Debt signifies destroying old and creating new.
  • Individual of this number undergoes repeated cleansing by ego curbing.
  • They often find themselves broken from the situations they built for so many years and have to converge towards fresh beginnings.
  • The inflation of ego is occurred, and thus the p[rocess is very painful.
  • You may have built up a grand plan, but life gives you so much challenge that you have to leave everything you nurtured so long.
  • Such breakage may include habits or career of self-destruction or stupid way of approach. It may ruin all your relationship with your loved ones.
  • However, such churning will leave you humbled and give you philosophical teaching.
  • With this constant circle of destruction and rebirth, it ultimately leads you the higher consciousness level.

Karmic Debt Number 19 :

  • You must learn to use your privilege correctly and learn to be self-dependent.
  • You may often be left alone in difficult times while no one supporting you.
  • A great deal of struggle, you need to overcome all your trauma.
  • You tend to resist all the help and advice.
  • You may isolate yourself in this process by not heeding your well-wisher's words.
  • You need to learn the importance of coexistence and the mutual requirement for love.
  • You must know you are a social being who needs the support of your own folks.