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You all must have known the Name Numerology Number and the Personality Numbers, but if you consider the vowels of your name then you will know your Heart Desire Number or ‘Soul Urge Number’ also which is very important. Now let us discuss the ways to calculate it manually.

1 5 9 6 3 5


Note: Letter ‘Y’ is not a vowel but we have to consider it if it sounds like a vowel at the beginning or at the end of the name.

Now let us take an example: Amish Arora = (A+I+A+O+A) = (1+9+1+6+1) =18 = (1+8) = 9


Heart’s Desire Number 1 :

You get your own inspiration from everything around you. You have your own views and ideas about life and take decisions on your own. You always feel the competition and take things too seriously.

Heart’s Desire Number 2 :

You have the creative mind so you always think of keeping your signature behind every work. People around you are influenced by you and you can’t stay away for long. You believe in creating things that can make a difference in the world.

Heart’s Desire Number 3 :

You are a social person and like to be optimistic. You have the desire to get into the root of the cause and are too emotional. Sometimes you get distracted and spend time on other things. You believe in creativity and has an ingenious mind.

Heart’s Desire Number 4 :

You survive with the earthly matters and believe in durability. You have immense practical knowledge and are equally responsible also. You like to bring stability, balance, and discipline. You keep your one foot on the ground and another one to new beginnings.

Heart’s Desire Number 5 :

You like freedom with new adventures and excitements. You get bored with the routine lifestyle and like to add spices in it by changing small things. You are productive, congenial and has many sides. You need lots of space to work and spend time with nature.

Heart’s Desire Number 6 :

You are the healer and are always ready to help others even if the person is the biggest disaster in their lives. They take care of people and know the cost of giving sacrifice. You are liberal and considerate for others. You like to solve other problems and also take time to give time to yourself.

Heart’s Desire Number 7 :

Your heart’s desire is to find the origin of life and its inner meaning. Knowledge is the basic thirst and you also love to spread the knowledge. But you can get easily stressed out with frequent anxiety. You love life and use your knowledge to become a segment of it.

Heart’s Desire Number 8 :

Your desire is to lead and avail the opportunity. You are too ambitious and want to flatter yourself in front of others. If you keep yourself balanced then it could lead you to be a leader. But if you overlook it then you will try to bring in control every alternate situation.

Heart’s Desire Number 9 :

The main concern of this number is to get a better environment and peace of the world. You like to work but for the well-being of the ecological system. You have intuitive and thoughtful nature and others. You believe in religious and cultural works also.

Heart’s Desire Number 11 :

You also like to get deep perseverance of yourself and the environment around you. You live to mingle with people and are emotional towards their feelings. You are a good collaborator but most of the time feel the concern and cranky also.

Heart’s Desire Number 22 :

Your heart’s desire is to teach and often you act bossy. You are intelligent and love stability and love your family. They want to take the experience of life and have intuition within themselves.

Heart’s Desire Number 33 :

Your desire is to become spiritually prosperous. You always crave for perseverance and immolation. The aim of your life is to show a guiding path for others those who wish for.