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Born on: 5th November, 1988

Virat Kohli was born on 5 November 1988. He is the present captain of Indian Cricket team. Known for his magnificent centuries, he is right-handed and plays at the top order., he is ranked as one of the greatest batsmen in the World. He occupies Numer 1 position in Test Match. He garnered victory of Under 19 World Cup under his captainship at 2008. He debuted in International ODI at the age of 19. He debuted in Test at 2011 and went on to score hundreds. He was a part of the squad which won 2011 Cricket World Cup. He holds the record of being fastest batsman to reach 10000 to 11000 runs in ODI.

Sun Number

He is synonymous with spirituality. He resonates all the mysterious aroma and energy that the Universe holds within. He is brilliant. He always seeks a deeper meaning to life. He does not like rush and noise. He is not party animal. He is extremely quiet and introvert. He has a preference for a conversation which is filled with intelligence. He has very few friend circles. Virat Kohli has an affinity for studying human psychology and psychiatry. In matters of heart, he is not seeking romance and sensual escapades. Virat Kohli can only connect with someone who has the same love towards intellectualism.

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