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rohit shetty Numerology

Born on: 14th March, 1974

Rohit Shetty was famous for his films Golmaal and Singham seires as director and producer. He was born on 14 th March, 1973 in Mumbai to parents M.B. and Ratna Shetty and he studied from St. Mary s School. He married maya Shetty and has a child. He stared with Phool Aur Kante as assistant director and Zameen was his first film as independent director in 2003. He also became famous for his hosting in television series Fear Factor series and Comedy Circus. His film Chennai Express won some film awards. 

Personal Year

He is to spring up in action. Many works and projects are left, and he must come out and take charge to change his destiny. He needs to sow a seed for the new ventures. Time has come to reap the rewards of all the pains and hardships. All the efforts given in the past would finally shape into fruition now. Naturally, material and money would take the principal attention. He needs to be a bit careful from the envious eyes and jealousy induced rumors. Rohit Shetty might hamper his reputation. Keeping eyes open would avoid it.

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