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Born on: 12th March, 1991

Born Debi Dutta, Kyra Dutta was born on 12 th March, 1991 in Kolkata. She studied from La Martiniere, and  St. Xavier s Kolkata was involved in many advertisements like CloseUp, kingfisher, Wildstone ranges etc. Then she debut in the film Rocket Singh in 2009, then as lead with Calender Girls in 2015. Her debut in Tamil film Baana Kaathadi, Telugu film Paisa Vasool in 2017 and web series XXX in 2018. She had  a music album called as Party Animal in 2016. She also appeared in an item song for Mere Brother Ki Dulhan in 2011.

Talents/Strengths : Outgoing, joy of life, imaginative, enthusiastic

Areas of Concern : Fears routine. May lack self-discipline, accomplish little.

General Learning : Energy and ideas in action. Having a good time.

Practical Expression : Press secretary, party planner, small business promoter.

  • 1. She is a person with extreme dedication and mental strength.
  • 2. She tends to change her opinion time again. Kyra Dutt cannot stick to her own decision and often follows others.
  • 3. Kyra Dutt is very emotional. She is sentimental, and all her decisions are based on her state of emotions and heart.
  • 4. A positive aspect in her is that she accept her mistakes and move on.
  • 5. She is timid and sensitive.
  • 6. Often she has conflicted opinion about others.
  • 7. She is blessed with incredible patience. When pushed, she can go to extremes to get the job done.
  • 8. Kyra Dutt loves pets and luxuries. However, she is very adjustable and can sustain easily without her preferred comforts.
  • 9. She is family oriented.
  • 10. She tends to keep a low profile about her achievement and work. She love to admire others.
  • 11. Kyra Dutt can mingle in any situations and environment. She do not fear the ups and downs of life.

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