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arindam sil Numerology

Born on: 12th March, 1964

Arindam Sil, the Bengali and hindi film actor turned producer and director, was born on 12 th March, 1964 in North Bengal and studied from St. Joseph s College and St. Xavier s College. He also worked in private company and became CEO.  He is known as a producer (2009) more than his acting skills (debut Eagoler Chokh). He is the member of Cultural and Social Committee of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry. His directorial debut was Aborto in 2012. His production company Nothing Beyond Cinema made shukno Lonka, Kahaani, Nobel Chor, Detective Byomkesh Bakshi and many more.

Talents/Strengths : Natural Leader, self-sufficient, ambitious

Areas of Concern : Avoid extremes if bossiness, shyness. Too impulsive.

General Learning : Standing out from the crowd. Trying new ideas

Practical Expression : Political leadership, celebrity, or small

  • 1. He possess a magnetic personality. He makes sure his thoughts and voice are heard loud enough.
  • 2. Arindam Sil is attracted towards the field of philosophy, literature and performing arts. Even if he unable to make the profession, he never stop practicing them.
  • 3. He is never meek. He always love to express his views.
  • 4. Arindam Sil is filled with high idealism and are adaptable.
  • 5. He as leaders or managers is incredibly generous to his subordinates. He is open-minded and liberal.
  • 6. He is very cheerful. Arindam Sil ever hopeful and motivated in his life.
  • 7. He is talented and highly get appreciated in sports, film, acting, singing. He loves to watch him.
  • 8. He always thinks high about his. He can add sugary additives to his narratives!
  • 9. Arindam Sil is extremely talkative. This quality earns the distrust of others.
  • 10. He never concern about the future. He actively lives in the present.

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