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Born on: 26th April, 1981

Current Home Minister of India, Amit Shah was born on 22 nd Oct, 1964 in Mumbai to Anil Chandra Shah. He studied from CU Shah Science College. He married Sonal Sh and has a child. He was involved with RSS as a swayamsevak from his college days. He started his career as a leader Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parisad from 1983 and in 1987 he joined BJP. In 2000 he was the president of ADCB. He won the four elections and became the MLA of Sarkhej. He recorded to won all his elections from various locals. He is also reffered to as the modern day Chanakya.

Sun Number

She is blessed with gift of creativity. She is the life of a party. She can easily entertain a room full of people with her jokes, humour and laughter. She is seemingly light hearted. Amit Shah can surprisingly become courageous, determined and bold when faced with necessary situation. She is very charming and full of positivity. She must master the art of focus. Amit Shah can leave her unfinished task, projects and even dreams. She may give her an impression of being childlike and superficial. However, she tends to tread the path of love carefully. Her partner needs to be patient enough to make her stay in a long-lasting relationship.

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