4 Best Muhurat (Moments) for Child Adoption


4 Best Muhurat (Moments) for Child Adoption
No couple is there who does not wish a child of their own. Each and every married pair wishes complete satisfaction for his family life after giving a birth to his child. They gave to depend on someone at their old ages. And who else are better than their own child! But in the world there are many couples who cannot feel the happiness of a child, especially the deserted pairs. Even there are some people who are very sympathetic to the orphans or abandoned child in society. For these reason many couples want to adopt a child. According to Astrology, they should choose the right Muhurat for adopting a child.

As per the Astrology, adopting a child is very holy thing. It will be fantastic if they do it in auspicious muhurat. According to astrology, if a pair adopts a child in subh muhurat then the child will provide the couple honour and immense happiness. In this topic, we can learn the suitable week day, placement of nakshatras, lunar day and lagna regarding the subh muhurat to a pair of adopting a child.

Considerion of Nakshatra:

A couple must follow the rules of adopting a child. Hence, the couple needs to follow the subh muhurat of adopting a child. According to astrology, Anduradha, Purva Falguni and Pushya are the auspicious nakshatras for adopting a child.

Consideration of Tithi:

Tithis also play an important role to determine a subh muhurat for adopting child. As per astrology, pratipada, the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 10th, 11th and 13th lunar tithis are ideal for adopting a child. If any couple follows these days then they will be provided positive outcomes regarding adoption of child.

Consideration of Week Days:

Week day too plays a crucial role to determine subh muhurat for adopting a child like lunar days or placement of nakshatras. As per Indian astrology, Friday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday are the favourable week days for adopting a child. If a couple adopt a child in any one of those days then they will be blessed with happy family life. And their child will get immense success in his life. Consideration of Ascendant:

Many couple does not follow their kundali or obey astrological rules at the time of adopting a child. During the adoption, a pair has to check whether the lagna is favourable to adopt in their horoscope or not. When any sanctified lagna is placed in 5th, 9th and 10th signs in the horoscope of good times then it will provide favourable outcome to them. Otherwise they will not enjoy the happiness of adopting a child.


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