Top 10 Planetary Combinations to Become an Astrologer


Top 10 Planetary Combinations to Become an Astrologer
India is known as Astrology’s birth place. It has worldwide name. Indian Astrology is result of lifetime experiences of seers and saints. Very few people will be unacquainted about Indian Astrology. The combinations of planet in native’s birth chart will give the indication that the native will be an Astrologer.

Planetary combining in the Birth-chart

(1) An Astrologer’s Mercury must be strong in his birth chart. It is the planet of aptitude and intelligence. In the same way, Jupiter must be influential and positioned in Gajakesari Yoga along with Moon. When the Gajakesari Yoga is formed in Ascendant, 5th, 8th or 9th house then the native will pay an interest towards Astrology.

(2) When Jupiter or Mercury is in union or shares an influential relationship in the 8th house then the individual will be eager to know the secrets and mysterious arts.

(3) A person will have an inclination towards Astrology if the following happens: If there is an influential relationship of Saturn and Moon in native’s birth chart, or planet Moon is in union with planet Mercury and planet Saturn aspects these 2 planets, or Moon , Saturn and Mercury are in union. Moreover, if planet Jupiter creates any sort of relationship with Venus or Mercury.

(4) When the owner of the 8th house creates Yoga with Saturn or Moon through an influential relationship or union, or the ruler of 8th house is united with the 5th ruler then the native will have some interest in Astrology.

(5) When Jupiter is placed in the sign of Mercury or vice versa then the native will take huge interest in Astrology. Moreover, if the owner of the 5th or 9th house are united or share an influential relationship with Jupiter or Mercury then the person will be a famous Astrologer.

(6) When the ruler of 2nd, 10th, Ascendant or either Jupiter or Mercury are united with the owner of 5th house or the owner of 8th house influence all these planets along with their rulers then the inhabitant will turn into a well-known Astrologer. From the profession of Astrology he will earn his livings too.

(7) A native will be dexterous in the arena of Astrology if following happens: When Mercury is placed in the 10th house of Gemini Ascendant’s birth chart and Jupiter is influenced by the owner of 5th in the 5th house.

(8) If the owners of 8th and 9th house are located in Saturn Ascendant and influence Ketu that is the Karaka planet of unexplained studies and arts and the owner of the 2nd house is at Moon Ascendant.

(9) In the Virgo Ascendant’s birth chart when the rulers of 5th and 8th house, Mars or Saturn is placed at Ascendant and the ruler of 2nd house or Venus as 9th ruler is located in its sign and influence the 8th house.

(10) In addition, Jupiter is in the centre of Pisces influence the owner of Ascendant Mercury or Ascendant and Ketu is located in the 12th house that is house of liberty and influence the 8th house that is place of mysterious subject. The people who possess these planetary unions will excel in Astrology.


   2nd September, 2017 11:49 PM

moonastro is the best web site i have ever seen in my life out of thousand of websites related astrology in the world. actually i love this site. extreamly it is very very friendly,clear and advanced. thaks a lot for your service.. we are always with you.. best wishes from srilanka.

   14th February, 2021 10:58 PM

Im interested to learn astrology. Can u tell me weather study or not? My DOB 27 7 1993 Time 6:31am Place manchikeri karnataka ( sirsi karnataka). Pls suggest me should i leran astrology or not

   Deepika Vibhandik
   16th October, 2021 10:28 AM

Can you tell me can I be a good astrologer? 29.08.1988 Pune, 9:30 am

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