12 Vastu Tips for Bright Career


12 Vastu Tips for Bright Career
Every person wants a shining career. He or she likes to get the zenith of success. Hence, he must be aware of each and every field of life. Only in this way he can get good outcomes. Vastu Shastra is a science of right path. It not only renders his bright future but also helps him making a shining career. And it will only happen if he makes his house and surrounding completely positive. It is a fact that he cannot alter his fortune. But hard working ability and some other events can provide him a bright future.

Parents would be really concerned about the career of their children from the very young age. There are scopes of getting a wonderful career if the base of the academic career of a student is really strong. Today many children do not feel like having concentration in their studies. There can be many factors for such situation. Either the environment is not really appealing to keep them concentrate or any other factors can be responsible for the same. It is really important for all the children to adjust the environment in school as well as study room.

For vital career go through the guidelines of Vastu for pupils to shine in life:

1. The positive energy in a student will be blocked if he faces towards the wall and studies. Thus, this position must be avoided. You must keep the view of window as well as wall just at the back of yourself to get concentration.
2. While you are making a preparation for examination, you must always face northeast direction. Another likely direction for study would be either north or east. You should not go for any other positions apart from this.
3. The study room must always be clean and clear. All the waste materials must be thrown away from the place. All the books would be arranged in a perfect order. Also there should be dust free computer in your study table.
4. It would be really wonderful if a money plan can be arranged just in the south east corner of the room where you are studying.
5. A positive energy can also be generated if you can place an aquarium in your study room.
6. The position where you generally sit should have the placement of mountain painting. This would help you to get the favors from the high authorities.
7. You should never sit under beam. This would make you to have a development of an unnecessary stress.
8. The study table of a student must be rectangular or square. And it should be of medium size.
9. Table must not be positioned along with wall. Keep a distance between study table and wall. It will help to regulate the energy flow.
10. He must not keep any book in the centre of his study room. Bookshelf must be positioned in Eastern, Northern or Northern-Eastern side. It is considered the best side for keeping books.
11. The study table must not be filled with so many books or any other things. Try to keep his table clean and clear. It will help him to avoid distraction of mind and unnecessary stress.
12. Most of the windows of the study room must be in Eastern or Northern direction.


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