7 Factors to Make You Police Officer


7 Factors to Make You Police Officer
Many people are there who want to be successful I.P.S. officer. But only few of them can achieve this feet. And the others who are unable to fulfil their dream join in lower level in the department of Police or leave their dream. Whether he is D.S.P., A.S.P., Inspector or Sub-Inspector everyone has to control the law and order of the country or sate. Only in this way a state or country will face less criminal offence. Some other people are there without wearing Uniform. They perform their tasks as crime investigators or secret agents.

As per Indian Astrology, Saturn and Mars are the main contributors of a native’s birth chart to wear uniform in his professional field. Owing to the aspects of planet Mars the native gets power, passion, energy and courage in this field. He has to be courageous in the field of defence or army. Planet Saturn helps him to maintain discipline and remains strict. Saturn is known for its punishment and justice.

Important Houses: 1st, 3rd, 6th, 8th and 10th House:

1>1st house is regarded as the body of the native. It decides height, complexion and appearance of the native. The individual will be powerful if Mars is associated with 1st house. He will possess an inclination towards adventurous and challenging work. To be a Police officer planet Mars must have its aspect on the ascendant.

2>3rd house is for leadership and courage of a person. Mars is Karaka of 3rd house. When owner of the ascendant or ascendant itself is in relation with 3rd house and planet mars has an influence on 3rd house, the person must be courageous. He will serve the country. Native gets the power to fight against foes from 6th house. And planet Mars will assist him in doing so.

3>8th house reveals the native’s secret. He takes bribe on the influence of 8th house in his birth chart. He also becomes police officer on the aspect of this house. It assists him to keep black money a secret. If there are many evil planets connected with the 8th house then there is probability of earning more black money in this life. 10th house is known as house of profession. If 8th house create a relation with 10th house then he will be in police department. It will be favourable if the relation between these 2 houses is strong.

Important Planets: Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu:

4>Mars represents courage and strength of a person. Saturn is representing discipline. So, it helps a native to maintain discipline in his life. All the occupations where discipline plays an important role are related to Saturn.

5>Soldiers appointed in army possess Yoga in their birth chart. The evil or benefice effects of planet Mars are considered to distinguish between the occupation of army and police in Astrology.

6>Chances of joining army are high if Mars has an influence in native’s birth chart along with the other Yogas. Malefic aspects of Mars lead the person to join in police.

7> When Rahu has a connection with the ruler of the ascendant or ascendant it then he will be in police. The association of Ketu and Mars will help in this case.


   Shahanaz (Warrington, United Kingdom)
   21st March, 2016 9:49 PM

Born on 15-12-1989 do I get a police job? And how was my life?

   shivaji (Madison, United States)
   29th January, 2017 8:36 AM

Born 11 March 1992 at 9.14 am can I get police job &how is my career

   Debayan maity (Naperville, United States)
   4th April, 2017 5:39 AM

hello sir,i am debayan i want to know in feuture proffesion job can iget tell me .that is my date of birth 1 march 1998, 10:53pm.sir,kindly tell me.

   Nisha yadav
   13th June, 2017 9:57 PM

My dob 15/7/90 will I clear upsc 2017?????

   vineet kumar
   17th February, 2018 4:05 AM

myjob in which field? my dob 08/12/1995 time -4 am

   18th September, 2019 10:24 AM

y'all dumb af lmao copying crap from some other primary source, how about TRY to give some new information?

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