Match Making

Marriage, in one’s life, is of the utmost importance thing. It determines how rest of the life a person leads as the spouse affects more than half the life of the person. Therefore, a right choice of the life partner is very important. Since years, people have considered marriage the holiest union and take all measure to make sure that the spouse found is the most suitable one. This was done by background checks and meeting the considered family. But the most truthful answer may only be obtained by Match Making astrology. In this article we covered the most important match of life which must be calculated before marriage.

Match Making for life
Match Making Astrology provides not just a general but an in depth study of marital compatibility. Match making is one of the vast applications of Indian astrology. But people do not realize the importance of all factors that influence it. They just consider the ‘Gun’ matching as the ultimate meaning of match making where if more than 18 gun out of the 36 match, then the compatibility would be fruitful. In Gun Milan, the main 8 ‘ashtkoots’ are matched and each ashtkoot holds some number of points or gun. These are :-

Varna (1 point), Vashya (2 point), Taara (3 point), Yoni (4 point), Graha (5 point), Gana (6 point), Rashi (7 point) and Nadi (8 point).

But that is not so. One must also consider many other factors.

It is also required to know the mental compatibility of both people to check how their temperaments match.
Sometimes, a person maybe Manglik, i.e., their Mars may be placed in a particular position that could influence this person’s married life negatively.

Varna compatibility : This means the class. Varnas in Indian astrology are -> Brahmana Varna, Kshatriya Varna, Vysya Varna and Sudra Varna. Varnas are determined from the Janam Nakshtra and rashi or Moon sigh. Bellow is the list of Rashi and respective Varnas for a person.

Varna Rashis(Moon Signs)
Brahmana Vrischika, Meen and Karkat
Kshatriya Dhanu, Mesha and Simha
Vysya Makara, Vrish and Kanya
Shudra Kumbha , Mithun and Tula

Ideally same varna is the best match. Or, Groom with higher Varna (Class) is also forma good match.

Vasya compatibility : This match indicates the magnetic control on each other. Responsive to advice, authority, or suggestion on each other is very important and is determined by Vasya point. Vasya point is determined by Rashi(Moon sign). Rashis can be categorised as following

Nara Dhanu, Mithun, Kanya and Tula
Chatuspada Makara, Mesh, Vrish and Simha
Jala Meena, Karkata and Vrischik

Rashis under same group will give highest Vasya match. For example, Mithuna and Kanya come under Nara Rashi and will be the best match. Good Vasya match indicates best mutual intensity of attraction and affection between the male and female.

Tara compatibility : 3 points is given for Tara matching and is very important as this indicates the longevity and health of husband and wife after marriage. A marriage with 3 point in Tara match implies association among couple to be stable and healthy. the two people. Tara or janam Nakshtra of a male and female is checked while matching. Taras are actually nine different categories calculated from birth star of male and female. Male and female gets a Tara as a number and then if the remainder after dividing one from another comes to 3 or 5 or 7, then Tara is incompatible. If the same comes as 0 or 1 or 2 or 4 or 6 or 8, then Vedic astrology recommends Tara Match Making as good.

Yoni compatibility : Yoni is allotted 4 points (Physical relation Compatibility). This implies physical relation match or compatibility. 27 Birth Stars (Nakshatras) are assigned to an animal.

Animal Horse Elephant Ram Snake Dog Cat Rat Cow Buffalo Deer Monkey Lion Mongose
Male Ashwini Bharani Pushya Rohini Mula Ashwini Magha Uttar Phalg Swati Jewhta Purva Asada Purva Bhadra Uttar Ashada
Female Shata bhishak Revati Krittika Mrigas Ardra Punarv Purva Phalguni Uttar Bhadra Hasta Anu radha Shra vana Dhanistha

Uttara Ashadha has Mongoose Male having no suatable physical partner. Good yoni match implies progeny, great harmony and perfect happiness between couples.

Graha Maitri compatibility : Graha Maitri is one of the important factors for astrology Match Making and 5 points is given. Graha maître maens the friendship of the lords of Moon signs between the boy and girl. If the Rashi lords  found to be friend then this is very auspicious. In case if Rashi lords are not friend or even enemy then Graha Maitri is not good as per Indian Vedic astrology on this count.

Gana milap or compatibility : The Gana match means the match of the nature between a male and a female and 6 point is given in Match Making. Ganas in Indian Vedic astrology are Deva Gana (Godly), Manushya Gana (Mortal) and Rakshasa Gana (Demon). This Match Making makes a couple live happyly for ever.

Gana Nakshtras (Birth Stars).
Deva (Godly) Gana Ashwini, Mirgashira, Punarvasu, Pushya, Hasta, Swati, Anuradha, Sravana and Revati. People belongs to Dev Gana ara spiritual and godier. They are wise and lives in intellectual world
Manushya (Mortal) Gana Bharani, Rohini, Ardha, Purva Phalguni, Uttar Phalguni, Purva Ashada, Uttar Ashada, Purva Bhadrapada and Uttar Bhadrapada. People belongs to Manushya Gana are practical, labour, and lives in real world.
Rakshasa (Demon) Gana Krittika, Aslesha, Magha, Chitra, Vishakha, Jyestha, Moola, Dhanistha and Shatabhusaj. People belongs to Raksha Gana is materialistic and sometimes low in class.

The match between male and female having the same Gana, for example if men and women both is Deva Gana. A Deva Gana or Manushya women is not compatible with Rakshasa men as per Match Making.

Rashi compatibility : Rashi compatibility is calculated by the Moon signs of the boys and girls and the point can be maximum 7 in Match Making. If moon sign or Rashi of boy is 2 or 3 or 5 or 6th rashi from the girl, then compatibility is not good. All other combinations are good. Good match in this implies growth of health, growth of wealth in long term prosperity.

Nadi match or compatibility : Nadi is one of the important part in Match Making in Indian Vedic astrology and maximum point is 8. Good match indicates capability of having progeny to be healthy. There are three types of Nadi Adi Nadi, Madhya Nadi and Antya Nadi. A person belongs to Nadi depending upon the birth star. Boy and Girl belong same Nadi is not recommended. All other combinations are good.

Antya Nadi Madhya Nadi Adi Nadi
Kritika Nakshtra Bharani  Nakshtra Aswini Nakshtra
Rohini Nakshtra Mrigasira Nakshtra Ardra Nakshtra
Aslesha Nakshtra Pushya Nakshtra Punarvasu Nakshtra
Magha Nakshtra Poorvaphalguni Nakshtra Uttaraphalguni Nakshtra
Swati Nakshtra Chitra Nakshtra Hasta Nakshtra
Visakha Nakshtra Anuradha Nakshtra Jyehsta Nakshtra
Uttarashadha Nakshtra Poorvashadha Nakshtra Moola Nakshtra
Sravana Nakshtra Dhanshita Nakshtra Satabisha Nakshtra
Revati Nakshtra Uttarabhadrapada Nakshtra Poorvabhadrapada Nakshtra

Producing healthy children and longevity of the healthy children are predicted by Nadi Match Making.

Another thing that an astrologer checks in Match Making is that the length of the relationship or how long the relationship can last up to. Divorce or any other kind of separation are also not be suggested by the charts.

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