Libra Moon Sign Tula Rashi 2017 .

Libra Moon Sign Tula Rashi 2017
   As it is known for a Libra, he/she always wants balance in their life and maintaining that balance is very important for them. You will be kindhearted and wise. Though you will be rich and your lifespan will be long but you will face bad times once in a while. In this year there would be huge ups and downs in your life but be calm and patient and you will get through this. Softness, fond of reading, bravery and emotion these are your primary features and because of these key features of yours. you will not be able to stay at one place at a time. you always want to do something different so you might get bored very easily with just one thing. Your physical stature will be medium and your skin tone is fair. Hair will be semi curly and eyes will be big and dark black color. You will like to travel by water like by ship or cruise. Travelling by water will be auspicious for you. Because of your good planetary position, you will get high acclaim from the seniors at your workplace.

Your health will be in better condition. This time will be good for financial matters. The middle of the month will be good for married couples and this time will also be good to bond with your friends. But this time might not be very good for your health and because of your bad health your workplace might get affected, so be aware of that. This time will also be good for marriage. This time will also be good for jobs and businesses. There will be a lot of opportunity that you can venture into, it is time to be the opportunist to succeed at work place. You will be able to manage your professional and personal life very well there will be peace at home. you might be failed in life for not being focused enough. Your drinking habit will cause a lot of problems this time. Your choice of things and persons will not be so tasteful.

You will fail in life for not being focused enough. Your drinking habit might give you a tough time. Your choice of things and persons will not be so tasteful . You will develop contacts with the lower ranks of people.

Father and Mother
Mother’s position in your life is not very auspicious, yours and your mother’s mentality will not match and this will be the reason behind your arguments. Though there always will be disagreements with your mother but your mother will always support you in your every step. Your father’s possession, ideal and culture will shape you and you will be an another man exactly like our father. You are most likely to not have any brothers if you have any siblings it will a sister. If you have a brother then your brother will also be an honest man like you and your father. Your mother’s influence in your life might not be very auspicious, yours and your mother’s mentality will not match and mostly this will be the reason behind all of your arguments. Your mother is very tough and rude in nature. She is an avid follower of rules and regulations and as you stand for exactly the opposite things like not being disciplined this will give you two a tough time. Your mother is very tough and rude in nature. She is an avid follower of rules and regulations though there might be various disagreements but her influence in your life will be constant. Your father will be kind hearted and pious. He will always stick to his decision. He will always do his duty no matter what happens. There will be no similarities between yours and your mother’s thoughts. So there will always be disagreements. And these little things will affect you a lot. And these things will give you a lot of trouble and not give you mental peace. Though your father will be in your support but you will not be able to cope up with him as he has a rough temper. Your childhood will be quite troublesome. Your brother’s relationship with you will be good. Your brother will do good in life and this would reflect in your life also. You will have a very healthy relationship with all of your brothers.

There will be some problems in the family matters and there might be some quarrels too in the family with the relatives. At some time you might feel lonely because of all this but it will go away soon. Spending and earning will be balanced. There will be many new opportunities, you will meet a lot of new people and your mind will be enlightened by all of these. There will be a lot more responsibilities at your workplace. Days will be spent well.

Job in bank, Life Insurance Company, cloth and iron factory will be beneficial professions for you. In these professions you will do great and can go from lower rank to high ranks. Small investments and small business is not your cup of tea and you won’t be able to be satisfied in small things. You won’t be able to take a business from a very small to very big. Rather you have the capacity to become head of any company. Your leadership quality will take you forward in life. After thirty six years you will be well established.

Marriage and love life
You won’t be too dramatic in love. There won’t be many ups and downs in your relationship. Your love life and marriage will be steady and long lasting. Your wife will be very beautiful. If your wife is a good match for you then it will be heaven for you and if your wife is not a good match for you then your life is going to be very complicated. Your wife has to be highly educated. Your child luck will also be good, you will have many daughters than sons. You always would like to have fun but if your husband is very serious in nature then that will be a problem and then it will be very difficult to manage and co ordinate. Your children will be a few, not many. One of your son will do great in life. Your marital life will be happy and blissful. If your husband is older than you then you will have very nice coordination.

Stomach problems, eye problems, acid problems might be problematic for you. There are no high hopes for your love life but your marital life would be happy and prosperous. Your health will not be that great because of unhealthy eating habits. Head ache and stomach problem will give you a tough time. Your health will be moderately good. Diseases like arsho, heart problem, constipation will trouble you. Your digestive system is not very good.

Though education will not be very great, you will have difficulties pursuing higher studies but you can earn success in medical, engineering, singing professions. Work and luck-You will do good in agricultural work, iron and other liquor related works. But you have to work very hard to reach the position that you always wanted to be in. initially you have to put in very hard work but if you managed to do so you will succeed. You will get favor of somebody who will help you to be successful and to become financially independent. You will be very impressive as a salesman. Your job might be a shifting job and because of this you have to travel a lot and constantly move from one place to another. Electrical materials, life insurance agent or iron manufacturing jobs will be good for you and you will be sooner successful in these sectors. You will be more successful in business than in jobs. Between the age of 32 to 42 you will be able to achieve whatever you dreamed of in your life. In your first life you have to stumble many times before you are successful. You will earn a lot of money if you are either in medicinal field or in the pharmacy field. Infields like bank, life insurance, navy will be good for you and in these fields you will be very successful. You might get a job at private or govt. school or at any private school. Other than this as you are a very good speaker so there are chances of you to become a good teacher.

Libra women
Your temperament is calm and cool. You will be satisfied at very little. Though complaining is not in nature but you would always not be happy how situation turns out for out so sometime it will be necessary if you don’t like something. Though you will love to work but once in a while but your lazy self will rule you often. You will prove your excellence at studies, dancing, and writing. You will be a very creative soul. Your practical sense will be better than most of other women. You will like to keep your things and room tidy, clean and arranged. You like everything to be planned and proper. You will like business more than jobs. Iron, cotton, stone, paper and book publishing will be excellent businesses for you , you will be able to earn a lot of money in this businesses. But don’t invest in partnership, that will bring only loss in your account. You are calm and quite in nature but there is an enormous mountain energy which is hidden inside you. You have great talents inside you which you should explore in order to be satisfied with your creative work. you are quite in nature and you don’t like quarrels around you. You will run after money all your life. You will succeed in jobs at once. Everybody at your work place will respect you. You are a little shy in nature and take long time to really open up and be friendly with people. You will be either a lazy lass or an hyperactive, there is no in between. You are very creative. You will have interests in painting, sketching, singing, dancing and reading. You like every thing to be planned, proper and in order. You are also smart and a good listener. You will be a good life partner. You will always support the right things and stand up for the right cause even if it causes damage in your life like standing up against the people that you love. You will love to travel a lot and explore different things. You will be short in height, thin and fair- dusky skin toned.

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