Person Born on October 3rd

If you are born on October 3rd then Astrology or numerology can predicts many information about you as every year on October 3rd Sun will be in same position. Every planets has different frequency and take more or less time to revolve around Sun compared to earth , hence all the other planet will be in different location every year on October 3rd. Sun is the most powerful among all other powers hence Being Sun on a fixed location on October 3rd on your birth date, a lot can be predicted about you from your horoscope or kundali..

Astrology Characteristics of October 3rd :

You will have a very eventful life, but on largely based on adventure, danger, love and romance. At the back of these qualities you will have courage, strong will power and determination of purpose and you may decide whether these will be used for good or evil. You will be quick witted and have remarkable foresight in your plan. You will be inclined to lack patience in meeting with delays or opposition from others. You should have every reason to expect considerable success in all you undertake.

You will make money by your gift for organization and ability of managing of amusement. But you should try to develop the tact in the handling of individual and avoiding dispute. You will be restless for ever on the move and with a great desire for travel and change. In spite of this you will take a serious interest in all problems related to science. You may be a good investigator. At the same time you will be a great reader also. You will be likely to express yourself as a writer.

You possess the great quality of imagination. You will desire to be happy home life and make an effort to do so. But in these you are likely to have few serious difficulties. But dont need to be worried because you will able to solve most of the problems with the help of your intellect. You are very versatile person. You possess a strong magnetic personality and will be exceptionally independence in your views and ideas. You like to have the comfort with your children. You will meet with enmity and attach on your honour by your jealous rivals. But you will care little about such things and not deviate anything from your purpose.

You will make friends easily and most of your friends will span at high rank or in high position. You like the persons those who are connected with the church, the law or who are holding the important position in the government sector of your country. You will be a jealous supporter of law and order but at the same time you are a good employer to your people. You will be sincere in whatever you may do. This effort you will able to get the success from your working field. You will be a lover of justice in every sense of word. You feel a strong desire to help the poor and distressed and suffered people in proper sense. So you may be attached with ay charitable or philanthropic organization. You are ready to give your service and donate your money to the public institutions, hospitals or asylums, so that your fellow beings may be helped.

October 3rd :

You will able to make an enormous number of friends but most of the friends are close to your respective field of your action but not to your heart. The persons, who are born on the months of December and the later middle part of November, will not be able to be your friend. But the persons, who are born on the first week of January and the third week of March, will be close to your heart. You may share your all thoughts and actions with those. You also gain few colleagues who will very supportive to you. But your boss will not be supportive at all. But you must be very selective when you will select your friends and office mates. You enemies will try to make harm to you from the aspect of physically and financially. So try to stay apart from them.

Astrology Health of Person born on October 3rd :

There have a possibility that you may meet in danger for the reason of fire. So always be alert from the fire. Through-out your life you will able to lead a more or less average life. In some cases there is a possibility that you may not able to resist yourself from the alcoholic drinks. But you ate advised not to take such kind of stuff because you may suffer from the heart and lung problems at the later part of your life. This drink will damage all of your cardiac and lung systems entirely. There is also a possibility that you may meet an accident or a serious injury while you will travel by car and it mostly applicable when you are in your own car. So be careful while you are driving by yourself.

Astrology Colour of Person born on October 3rd :

If you want to make your fortune more favourable you must wear the dress of purple. The violet colour is very lucky for the students. If you have any important interview you must wear the dress coloured by white. All shades of yellow are lucky for those persons related to business. Crimson is favourable colour for the politicians. So if you have any important meetings, you may wear this coloured dress. Red is favourable for those person who are related to the self financed project. Rose colour is lucky for the persons who are related to the world of entertainment. All these colours will make your fortune more vibrant and prosperous.

Astrology Finance of Person born on October 3rd :

You may able to earn the proportionate money but can-not be able to save them because you are a person who likes to spend a lot of money that may necessary or unnecessary. You possess a good fortune related to the business. So you may start your career with the help of business and even self financed project, whatever it may be a short or a king size one. There is a possibility that you may be a fortunate person in case of finance. But the entire process will be a slow but steady one. You need to concentrate on your own deeds because there is a probability that some of your near and dear ones will try to harm your monetary condition. Be careful regarding the properties related to your parents because few of your relatives will try to snatch your properties from you.

Astrology Career of Person born on October 3rd :

You may start your career with the help of any self financed project. But be careful at the time of your selecting project. If you be able to get a suitable boss at your career, you will achieve your desired success in terms of your career. The students will able to reach to their desired goal. But they need to be more focused and attentive towards their lesson. In spite of all kinds of hindrances most of the person who are born on the above days will able to flourish their career in to some extent at their respective field.

Famous Persons born on October 3rd are listed bellow. They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
Durga Agarwalm 03/10/1978
Alain-Fournier 03/10/1886
Louis Aragon 03/10/1897
David Azar 03/10/1954
Nancy Bahlman 03/10/1942
Didier Begi 03/10/1961
William Berke 03/10/1903
Nancy Bleiweiss 03/10/1949
Pierre Bonnard 03/10/1867
Lorenzo Bozano 03/10/1945
Kimberley Brown 03/10/1969
Erik Bruhn 03/10/1928
Mary Case 03/10/1910
Paul Foster Case 03/10/1884
Tiffany Chin 03/10/1967
Andrea De Adamich 03/10/1941
Charles Moss Duke 03/10/1935
Eleanora Duse 03/10/1858
Marjorie Emerson 03/10/1938
Darrin Fletcher 03/10/1966
Emylu Landers Hughes 03/10/1913
Antonia Lamb 03/10/1943
Reamonn O'Byrne 03/10/1953
Steve Reich 03/10/1936
Adolf Reichwein 03/10/1898
Gerson Ribnick 03/10/1925
Rolando Rigoli 03/10/1940
Roy 03/10/1944
Seduced Youth 03/10/1953
Al Sharpton 03/10/1954
Stijn Streuvels 03/10/1871
Carl Thomas 03/10/1969
Gore Vidal 03/10/1925
Eliane de Vilder 03/10/1971
Walther Warlimont 03/10/1894
Chris Westlund 03/10/1949
Terry Owen Whiting 03/10/1956
Thomas Wolfe 03/10/1900
Cindy Wood 03/10/1946

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