Baby Name Cheryl meaning and Astrology


Baby Name : Cheryl
Gender : Girl
Origin : German
Cheryl Meaning: Feminine form of Charles
Variant: no variations
Number : 1
Moon Sign (Rashi) : Pisces (Meen)
Star (Nakshtra) : Ashwini

baby Cheryl Name Cheryl starts with Letter C has some significance in Astrology.
In Indian Astrology, the names which are starting with the letter 'C' will be reason of inner strength. These persons are full of talents. Their multi talented nature will help them to reach at the pick of their career. Any career path will be suitable for them. They are very much positive in their decision and their firm decision making capability helps them to grow in their lives. They love to live their lives in their own terms and conditions. It will make their lives more flourishing and sparkling and interesting as well. Honesty is another precious inner quality of these persons whose names start with letter 'C'. They will able to make their fortune more fortunate through the help of their honesty. They are very much malice and energetic with positive power in their working fields. They are also very romantic by their nature too. They love to be passionate with their loving partners. But they may lose their love due to out –side circumstances. They are also very loving and affectionate kids of their parents. Their supportive and co-operative office mates will help them to grow in their career.

Name Cheryl or (no variations) means Feminine form of Charles. This name comes under number 19, so Astrology can describe lot information about Cheryl.
According to astrology, the power number 19 is another number of extreme happiness. Due to this number you will able to make every bad situation to a good and happy one. The person has all the qualities to be a leader. So it can be said that if you select leadership as your profession, you will able to make bright future. You like to help the distressed and needy people. There is a possibility that you may also take part in a charitable organisation. You have to minimise your anger to the journey of your life. You will earn a lot of knowledge and information from your academic career. It is quite true that you will able to make a fulfilled life with the help of your proper knowledge. Due to number effect you may sacrifice a big thing. It may be for your parents or may be for your near and dear one. You may able to make a large organization. You may be a good counsellor. Sometimes it can be seen you like to be within your room just because of understand yourself properly. You like to make friendship with all kind of people. But it has a good and a bad side too. It may be the cause of your harm of your life. You have earned an industrious mentality. With the help of this you will get the chance to make prosper at your business life. You are really calm and cool at your mind. You try to maintain peace.

The people with name Cheryl have are cool minded person with no stress. They are least concerned with the necessary procedures. Thereby, these people sometimes miss the fun and most importantly the pros and cons of the process. Sanity of mind is strictly not for these persons. They can often have a restless and whimsical tendency of mind. It is likely that they can find themselves in serious hardship or get themselves into trouble because of their lack of mental stability. Very often, these people work hard without any concrete purpose. They do not have a steel mind and can be hold back by other people. They nurture liberal thought and are very suitable to professions like writing or teaching. Intelligence is a common quality for them. Their intelligence can express by their severe interest to equip themselves with new abilities. In the field of Medical especially Ayurveda, they may be great healers. Cheryl often have excellent psychic abilities, defining their character. These people are born with good dress sense. Starting some new things or experimenting is in their blood. These natives are likely to be very obedient. By looks they are unique and handsome.

Cheryl has expression number 8 which has some meaning in Indian vedic astrology or Numerology.
They are the person with the expression number 8. This expression number 8 makes them fashionable in real sense. They really have good sense of fashion and for this reason people admire they and opposite gender will be attracted towards you. They have strong power of creativity. This is another plus point. Due to this reason they may select ay creative field as their profession. There is a high possibility that they will get success from that career. Due to number spirit they spend their childhood days with enjoyment. This may sometimes fruitful to them and it may cause the harm to them as well. Due to the number impact they are very energetic and creative in the fields of their career. They are very confident about their deeds and actions. They are focused at their aim and ambition. Though they love to see dreams but it is fact that they are really realistic and try to do the things according to the real terms. They will get good and helpful colleagues at their working place. This is an added advantage. They love to perform drama or play. They may take literature field as their career path. This will give the success as well.