Independent business Vs Job

Independent business Vs Job
Many people are reading this very article with confusion in their mind that I know. Some factors play crucial roles in deciding your career. You are confused to decide whether it is right to do a secure job or you should start a new venture of your own. Everyone thinks in his own way. But the profession or career which suits you most or provides you flourishing life is the main matter. Are you thinking that you are capable of doing better than your present profession? Then you should go for it. Nothing will stop you. If you know what you are going to do and it will have a decent marketplace then it will be fantastic.

Parameters to determine whether the native would be good in business or a particular job:

  • The perfect number of planet starting from seventh to twelfth or tenth to third houses: This is the situation when the ascendant is made really strong. In this situation the ascendant can take up to set up an independent business. He must have a strong will power so that he can start his career as a new entrepreneur.

  • Purna Parmatmansh planets: The planets of this category would involve moon, sun, rahu and Mars. The person will be able to take up independent decision as and when there will be an influence of planets on Purna Parmatmansh. In this case also individual can become an independent entrepreneur.

  • Placement of Saturn with its effect on tenth house: If the birth chart of any individual has got a good strength of Saturn, the native can choose his career in the field of business. But if the Saturn is weak, he has to go for a job.

  • Good comparison of ascendant Lord/sixth house/lord and ascendant: An individual having a strong sixth house have got a tendency to get a job in prison or hospital. But if the native is in business, he will need to follow others instruction.

  • Good effects of ninth house, third house and mars: There are challenges as well as hard decision in the native with a strong third house. A good strength of Mars would be required for becoming an entrepreneur.

  • Money Yoga: If the native has got money yoga, he will be in a position to invest a huge sum in his business. He will get to have an unlimited income in this Yoga.

You must take some time before making a decision on a specific business. You must consider all kinds of possibility and analyze the market whether your business will be fruitful or not. Moreover, you will also think about the return you get from your investment. If the answer is positive then you should move on. You should not forget to look before you leap as you are inexperienced in this matter. If you have nothing to invest in your business then you should join in a job. Then make some funds and start your venture.

You must take some advice and tips before moving towards business unless you may incur loss and lose your reputation. You may also try to get a degree on business before jumping on business.

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