Impacts of Manglik Dosha in Married Life

Impacts of Manglik Dosha in Married Life
Planet Mars is regarded as uncongenial and malefic. As per the Vedic Astrology, the malefic influence of Mars is normally seen in marriage and post marriage life. Manglik Dosha is infamous as “Mangli”. It is malefic owing to afflicted individual as he will be unmarried right through his life. Usually, the fear among the people about Manglik Dosha and its negative outcomes of Mars is related to marriage.

Astrological analysis of Manglik Dosha:
According to Vedic Astrology, Mars is regarded as an Ascendant. Its position in 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house is malefic. Planet Mars is the slaughterer of one’s marriage life in these mentioned houses. It becomes more evil as per its location with other evil planets in these five houses.

Mars in Ascendant:
The following incidents may happen if the Mars is in Ascendant:

  • 4th aspect of this plant in Ascendant annihilates one’s happiness from one’s life.

  • 7th aspect of this planet in Ascendant is malefic due to its ability to separate and differentiate between couple.

  • Complete aspect of 8th house is the indication of life risk of one’s partner.

Mars in the 2nd house:
The following incidents may take place if the Mars is in 2nd house:

  • Couple will suffer from everyday anxiety and distinction.

  • This planet from 2nd house influences 5th, 8th and 9th house of one’s birth chart. This influence of Mars cast malefic intuition in one’s children.

Mars in the 4th house:
The following incidents may occur when the Mars is in 4th house:

  • Though it provides stability financially to the native but his life becomes complicated.

  • It will lead to a disturbed nuptial life.

  • One may not agree to compromise with one’s partner. It will lead one to separation or divorce.

Mars in the 7th house:
The following unpleasant incident may happen when the Mars is in 7th house:

  • Life partner will be unhealthy.

  • Female native may get aggressive spouse.

  • Mars from 7th house aspects wealth, Ascendant and working place of one’s birth chart. Hence one’s professional as well as financial condition will be full of trouble. The things which are associated with Ascendant will also be in trouble.

  • One may have immoral character. One may also involve in post marital affair.

  • It is equally dreadful for the couple as well as children. They should follow remedies to be cured.

Mars in the 8th house:
The following unpleasant incidents may take place when the Mars is in 8th house:

  • This house is for joy, longevity and sorrow of one’s life. It is harmful to those.

  • It consumes the happiness of conjugal life.

  • It will provide enormous mental pressure.

  • One may face difficulty financially.

  • Conjugal life will be hampered owing to one’s poor health.

Mars in the 12th house:
The following unpleasant incidents may occur if the Mars is in 12th house:

  • It is known as house of travelling, happiness, expenditure, relaxation and earthly pleasure of an individual. But owing to its malefic affect there will be lack of sympathy and love between a pair.

  • One’s family will face bad finance.

  • It increases the physical desire and dishonest practices of an individual.

  • Native will hurt his better-half

  • Native may suffer from inner genital problem.

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