Choose Your Career According to Your Strong House

Choose Your Career According to Your Strong House
First House:
People normally who have very strong first house may become a public figure or politicians. They may run health club or gymnasium. Even they like to be self-employment or have business their own.

Second House:
Those who have powerful second house may choose their profession as banker or investor. Mainly they like to choose their profession filed regarding finance. So there is a chance to become accountant. Teaching is another favourable profession of these kinds of people. They become famous psychologists or consultants. They have good hand in writings.

Third House:
Persons who have strong third house may flourish in arts. They may choose sales as their profession. They are very good in communication. Hence there is a chance to make it as their profession. They are very good is writings. Advertisement is another suitable field for them. They may involve in publishing.

Fourth House :
Native who has powerful fourth house may involve in the business of real estate. They may work in mining or choose agriculture as their livings. They may become builders also. It is very profitable for them. Even the business of vehicles is also good for them.

Fifth House:
Persons who have very powerful fifth house have the inclination towards religious activities. They may become stockbrokers. They will shine in the entertainment industry. They have the ability to become good politicians. They have some authority also.

Sixth House:
People who have good sixth house normally choose their profession as police or military. They like to serve the nation. They may also turn into formidable lawyers. They may be engaged themselves in health related jobs. They may do the business of food. Even there is chance to work as waiters.

Seventh House:
Those who possess influential seventh house are generally interested in business of their own. They may be involved in retail business. They like to involve in trade. So there is possibility to be involved in foreign business.

Eighth House:
People who have strong eighth house in their birth chart are involved themselves in research. They may also select insurance as their professional field. They have inclination towards metaphysics. So there is chance to them to become good astrologist. They are very keen to have physical relation with someone.

Ninth House:
People who possess strong ninth house may shine in the field of law. They may choose teaching as their profession. They are very religious. Even they may those it as profession. These people are fond of travelling. They like to go to foreign countries.

Tenth House:
Government job is the top most priority for those who have strong tenth house. They like to deal with masses and people. They have good communication skill. They may become managers of the companies. Politics is the favourable place to them.

Eleventh House:
An individual who has strong eleventh house is likely top choose business as his livings. He may become an accountant. He likes to work as a team. He may become the head of any financial institution.

Twelfth House:
People who have very powerful twelfth house normally shine in advocacy. They are charitable persons. They may involve in travel business. Foreign jobs are also favourable to them. They may work as spy for any secret agency.

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   Sangeeta (Guangzhou, China)
   15th July, 2016 4:59 AM

Can u please tell me my suitable career

   padmaja (Nagpur, Maharashtra, India)
   3rd August, 2016 4:51 AM

   Tarun Kumar
   21st October, 2016 6:45 AM

My Name Tarun Kumar & My Date Of Birth 29 July 1982 Pls mention the which business for profitable & which period can start the business my email Id

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