A journey for foreign travel

A journey for foreign travel
Travelling in foreign country is one of the most wonderful dreams of the Indians. Now a day, a great number of Indian people are travelling in the abroad and realizing their dreams. Owing to the flourishing sector of Information Technology and the raised demand for conscious men power and efficiency on English it becomes a wish. The wish for exploring new lands and getting comfortable with the other culture are the main reason to travel abroad. And it is not only the urge of an Indian but also the urge of every people around the world. It is true that not all the people in the universe would be eligible for a foreign travel. For this reason it is really important for us to know the facts on which the foreign travel of a person is based.

Importance of Planets in Your Foreign Trip
  • The native having a dual sign would definitely be able to get the foreign travel
  • The house of a foreign residence is known as the 12th house.
  • The significance of the foreign travel would also be having an effect of Jupiter as well as Ketu.
  • There are also some of the malefic influences with regards to the 2nd house. Those are:
  • If the strong connections for the foreign travel are there to support malefic influences of 2nd house, the native is likely to leave his family and make an attempt to travel abroad.
  • If the support of other strong connection to travel is not present to be on the 2nd house, there will be conflicts between the native and his family members. Yet he would not leave the family and go abroad
  • If the 2nd house is been supported by the connection for foreign travel in short journey, native will be away from the family and go abroad for a small period of time
  • Similarly there will be malefic effects of the 4th house which would also have positive and negative effects on foreign travel.
  • You would absolutely have a foreign travel if there is an influence of the dasha of 7th lord and 7th house.
  • The native would travel in a short distance within the country and not abroad if there is a connection of lagna with 12th, 9th and 7th house.
  • If the lord of 9th house owner of journeys to abroad is located in the 11th house that indicates gains during foreign travelling. If the owner of the 11th house which rules over economical gains is located in the 9th house then he will journey to foreign country.
  • Rahu and Mars occupy the 10th house. If the location of the planet Rahu in the 10th house is nearly the most fruitful points then it denotes travel to abroad. He will stay there for his occupation.
  • If the planet Mars and planet Rahu form close union between them and are nearer to the most fruitful point of the 10th house.

   sunil.k.malkari (Kakinada, Andhra, India)
   7th May, 2016 12:29 AM

Guru ji, Please let me know if I have chances of foreign travel this year. Let me know of any doshas and remedies for my foreign travel in 2016.

   nipungoel41994 (Hartford, United States)
   20th August, 2016 3:32 AM

Nitin DOB: 6 Jan 1994 Time :18:52 Place : muzaffarnagar ( uttar Pradesh). Country : India Query: chances of foreign travel for job and foreign settlement .

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