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What is Horoscope ?

Horoscope (also known as birth chart or janampatri or Vedic horoscope) displays the detail information of the astronomical positions of planets, stars at the birth time of a person. The position of the each planet and star depend upon the zodiac sign. Placement or planetary combinations or relations are used as input for an astrologer to predict about the native’s life. We provide you Horoscope prediction (Kundli phal) with detail report and recommendations.

Where to Generate Horoscope ?


You can Go to the Birth Data Entry Page here to To Generate Your Horoscope as a Guest
MoonAstro provides a Unique Horoscope Prediction (Kundli Phal) result for you generated For you.

This horoscope contains Main Birth Chart (Lagna/Ascendant Chart). You can select East/North or South Indian Style.

You can also find important Yogas which are controlling your life and the description of all the Planets which are controlling your life. Each of the Yoga formed is calculated and described. This also shows the strengths of the Planets and any yoga formed by the planet. Planetary strengths helps the native understand the strong and weak part of life and helps choosing right remedy. A detail description of Moon Sign Character is also provided.
You can get the details English Prediction about yourself. This Horoscope report also covers Vimsottori Dasas for 120 years which can be useful for more detail predictions. In Indian Vedic astrology, Vimsottori Dasas from one’s horoscope helps understanding the phases of life and plan accordingly.

Horoscope is a chart which comes into view as 2 dimensional diagrams which is executing the placement of the planet Sun, the planet Moon and the planets at the exact time of a native’s birth.

Our Horoscope contains
  • Basic Horoscope Details,
  • Planet and details,
  • Whole Life Prediction,
  • Raj Yogas,
  • Love Compatibility,
  • Romance Prediction,
  • Health Prediction,
  • Personality Horoscope,
  • Career Horoscope,
  • Education Horoscope,
  • Business Horoscope,
  • Finance Horoscope,
  • Manglik Yoga,
  • Family Relations,
  • Kaalsarp Yoga,
  • Sadesathi,
  • Transit report,
  • All Charts,
  • Vimshottari Dasha,
  • Vimshottari Predictions,
  • Prastharashtakvarga Table,
  • Ashtak Varga Table,
  • Planetary Aspects,
  • Friendship Table,
  • Annual Horoscope,
  • Lal Kitab Predictions,
  • Gemstones Report,
  • Your Ascendan Details,
  • Your Moon Sign Details,
  • Your Sun Sign Details,
  • and Our Recommendation.

In the native horoscope, the grahas (planets) are unmoving at the primary moment. This kind of horoscope is well known as the chart of a native or birth chart. The correct understandings of the birth location expose the hand which has been contract in the life of an individual.

A horoscope never executes how one’s hand is behaving. It does reveal general tendencies which one has to love with, which issues one will face and how to solve those problems.

Astrology may give unbelievable keys to make out. In spite of that it does not give one plain and simple reply for any kind of difficulties which one will face.

If you know the horoscope of other person then you will judge him in better way. You may observe him or make out him precisely along with much better endurance.

What makes MoonAstro different from other horoscope predictions ?

MoonAstro brings for the First time on net a Gemstone based recommendation that an experienced astrologer only can provide. Our automatic result is most accurate and can be used by an individual or an astrologer to avoid any human errors in recommendation.

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