Gemini Moon Sign Mithun Rashi Horoscope 2019


Introduction- You are a clever person. Your intelligence is excellent. You can adapt yourself according to situations. You do not like keeping secrets. You are positively talented and love to travel. You can do anything if you are harmed by some person or incident.


Nature- You are generally a thoughtful person. You think properly before you do any work. You are prone to suspicion and have a thirst for knowledge. You have a sharp wit. You do not hesitate to indulge in anti-social activities with others if you have some interest there. You are a great reader of men’s characters. You love to live alone. You are generally of dark skin tone. You have mole on your head. You are realistic and can adapt yourself to any situations and can change yourself according to surroundings. 

Character- You are a bit restless and you think deeply to reach to the solution to a problem. You are a joyous person and can adjust your habits to different situations. Geminis are lovers of travelling. You cannot keep secrets and you spill them out if anyone does anything secret. You think of earning a lot of wealth. You can attract people very easily. You tend to establish good relationship with multiple women. You can do anything to make your purpose served. On the other side, you are broad-minded. You love doing social works. You love to be in a healthy relation with all forms of people. You are aware of law and you know what you need to say, according to time and place, in order to get your purpose done. You do not have a stability in any activity. You do not love to dream. You admire beauty and love to get involved in social activities.  

Family Life- This year you will have a busy family life. You may be stressed mentally and physically due to over-working. You won’t get your family assistance in your work. You will have some complex family issues. Relatives may turn to enemies if their interest gets harmed. You may be financially stable, but due to negligence, many chances may easily go out of your hands. Your savings may get spent. In business you have to work hard. Marital life problems can occur, but they will be solved. Love life can be harmful. Mental troubles may get you sick. Your efforts and hard work will give you success. You have to accept the truth and spend a happy family life. This year you might get god advice and help from some important person. Your economic status won’t change. Your near ones can create a tussle regarding property. Be careful of your love affairs and marital life. You may be profitable in business. Cold weather may give your health some problems. Negligence and careless lifestyle may make you sick and bed-ridden. Your children will have a good fortune. Be alert of your wife’s health. Keep good relation with your siblings.

Financial condition- This year your financial conditions will remain more or less the same. Your job may give you little, but you may get a good income from outside. You can implement your hard work and intelligence to earn a lump sum of money. There shall be a balance between income and expenditure. You might win a lottery towards the end of the year. You may spend some money for some social purpose. You are expected you earn in the honest way. You can get back some of your debts back. A new house may be built by you. You have to invest some money for a new business. Selling ancestral property may also give you some money.  Some friend may help you economically. You might get a good amount of money after retirement.

Job and business- This year will be good for service persons. You may get a job promotion and there are chances of a foreign trip from your office. Unemployed people may get hindrances while looking for jobs. Complexities will be solved at your workplace. There will be higher respect for you at the year end at your workplace. If you are into marketing, this year is lucky for you.

This year is not fortunate for traders and men involved in agriculture. There can be little profit for you if you are into furniture and garment business. Your friends might want to harm your business. Business will increase the number of your enemies. Partnership will be unlucky in business. You may get donation from the government for your business. People dealing in raw materials will be profitable. Your parents may help you in your business. Be aware of your situation before investment. New business can cost you a good sum of money.

Education- There may be hurdles in education but you will get rid of them. Your friends may rival you in your studies. Financial problem may stop your education. You may have a foreign trip for higher studies. People involved with literature, art and navy will be successful. Marketing studies will be good for you. Research work will give you success. There may be problems for people who are studying history and political science.

Health- Be alert of problems from cold weather. A bad diet may cause stomach diseases. Your parents’ health will not go well. Be alert of your wife’s health. Sudden accidents may happen to you. Negligence to health may cause you problems. You may get hurt physically.

Friend Circle- This year your friend fortune will be good. You may get help from them. You may be hated for your straightforward talks. You may be helped by some foreign friend to be established in your life. Honest friends will increase in number. Death of some relative may grieve you. You will have a good relation with neighbors.

Love and marital life- Love affairs may create problems for you this year, so you have to be careful of that. There may be sob ego clashes in your marital life. You may get a bad name regarding your love relation. You may get involved in court affairs, which will cost you a lot of money. You will develop relations with multiple women. Financial reasons may trouble your marital life. Your children fortune is good. You may have a male child as your first one. Misunderstandings may happen in case of love relations. You may get involved in bad activities due to some ditch in love relation. Your friends will help you in love affairs.


Gemini females have a fair skin complexion. They have joined eyebrows, and have long hair. They are healthy. You are beautiful, polite and ready to help others. You love to talk a lot. You are fond of witty and learned men. You love to live a happy life of joy. You are fortunate. There may be problems in your family. Life risks may come to you more than once. You are prone to suffer from cold, eye problems and headaches.