Names and synonyms of the temple: Previous name of Thanjavur temple was Tanjore. This name was has been derived from a legendary asure of Hindu mythology. This is also a popular name of an ancient city of Tamil Nadu. There are various histories of this popular temple in the sangam period. Thanjavur TempleThe foundation stone of the popular town has been laid by King of Mutharayar named Swaran Maran. He was powerful king during the reign of chola dynasty. The city was also ruled by other rulers such as Pandyas, Thanjavur after the defeat of cholas.

Place: In the state of Tamil Nadu, the formation of Thanjavur temple took place. You can get information about this city with an ancient touch and domination. A place in south India rich in art and architecture is none other than Thanjavur. The living temples of chola are also another attraction of this place. The temple is one of the famous architecture than have been a part of UNESCO world heritage monuments. One of the important varieties of chola temple is known as Brihadeeswara temple. This is the most famous temple just located in the heart of the city.

Description: Inside the premises of Thanjavur temple, you would definitely enjoy various art and sculptures that have been established in our ancient age.

Tanjore painting is one of the beautiful paintings which is known as the unique art of this region.

Government has contributed a lot to preserve the heritage of this place.

Since Thanjavur city is very well connected to various railways as well as rods throughout the nation, people will not find any type of difficulties in visiting this place. Thanjavur Temple

Other information about the place: There are many scholars who have been associated with various views about this place. They have found various prove which shows the remains of the city from Sangam period.

There was also a battle between conferacy of Pandhyas and cheras with those of Karikala. The courtyard of cholas has once ruled Thanjavur royal Palace. From then, cholas have gained power in their hands to rule this place. You would also get to know about a variety of Hindu god and goddesses who have been worshiped by individuals of that time. This is one of the best specimen with regards to south Indian temple architecture.

During the sanctification of 1997, around 50 people were killed in an unfortunate fire accident and more than 80 were injured. This incident took place just before the Mahakumbabishekam ceremony. Some people said that the accident is occurred due to fire cracker and some people told that due to spark from electric generator. Maximum percentage of death occurred for carbon monoxide. Few suffered from burn injuries. Tamil Nadu Govt. announced a package of compensation.

A belief is there that a visit to the Tanjavur temple has politically devastating. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and then C.M. of Tamil Nadu M.G. Ramachandran visited the temple in 1984. Later both of the leaders were died- Indira Gandhi was killed by her own bodyguard and M.G. Ramachandran suffered from a stroke.