Names and synonyms of the temple: A famous pilgrimage of Jain religion is depicted in the temple of Sri Mahavirji. This temple has got an interesting history how the statue of lord was established. Once, there was a cowherd living in this place and the cow enters to their home every evening. One day, the cow was followed and was found that she visits a small hill of sands daily. Shri Mahavirji She empties all her milk at the top of the hill and comes back. After digging the spot, the cowherd has discovered a statue of Lord Shi Mahavirji around 400 years back.

the temple of Jain God, Sri Mahavirji has been established in a popular district of Rajasthan. The main temple of the place includes the statue of Lord Mahavira. The main statue of the temple is specifically known as Mulnayak Pratima.

The beautiful statue of Lord is made of copper and having a height of around 78cm. The Lord Mahavira is sitting in a posture of Padmasana in this sail idol.

Description: The idol laid down in this temple is very old. A beautiful serene of hills are depicted in this popular place. The history of getting the statue of Lord Mahavira from the sand hill is really a miracle. The tanner’s cow that did not used to give milk ever used to stand beside the sand hill and the milk oozed out there. The tanner’s cow that did not used to give milk ever used to stand beside the sand hill and the milk oozed out there.

The owner of the cow was not sure about the reason for cow’s not providing milk but when he followed him, he got the reason behind it.

Just after bowing their head in front of the idol, people gets all their wishes fulfilled at once. People from the modern time get a peace of mind and when they bow their head in front of the idol. Shri Mahavirji

Other important information about the place: Since the king of Jaipur was really impressed with the establishment and the beauty of the temple, he had contributed the expenses to establish the lamp just inside the premises of the temple.

There is an annual fair that takes place in the place which is known as Mahavir fair. The bright have moon known as Chaitra is the day when the fair starts. It gets ended by the dark half of the moon specifically known as Viashakh. There is another temple known as Dilwara Jain temple with the same.

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