Names and synonym of the temple: Somnath temple is known as one of the religious temple as well as great historical significant spot. A religious book, Shiv Mahapuram has stated the argument between two powerful gods namely Vishnu and Brahma. Lord Brahma is known as Hindu god of creation where as Vishnu is known as Hindu God of Saving. They have a fight with regards to their supremacy. Somnath TempleA test was conducted by Lord Shiva with the huge endless pillar of light.

Both the powerful god, Vishnu and Brahma have diversified their ways to avail the point where the light gets ended. Brahma told a lie with regards to his finding the end point of light. On this Shiva appeared as the second pillar of the light. He also said that, Brahma will have no place in the ceremonies just because of his lie. But Vishnu would be worshiped by all his followers till the end.

Place: The place where Somnath temple is situated is known as Gujarat in India. The exact location of the temple is at Prabhas Kshetra which is just beside Veraval. One of the 12 Jyotirlinga is placed at the western coast of Gujarat. The term Somnath is having a meaning of protector of the God that indiactes Moon. Another name of Somnath temple is also known as “the shrine Eternal”.

Description: According to the information furnished by the legend, Soma is the moon god in the name of whom the powerful temple have been established.

The temple is with a golden touch where the idol of Ravan is laid down in silver color. You can also visit the idol of Sri Krishna in wood. There was a curse for Soma who was the son in law of Daksha, He was married with the daughters of Daksha but have got a feeling of love for one wife of his. Daksha felt it to be an injustice. Thus he cursed his son in law for not providing same statues to all his wives. This happened just because other daughters have complained about his negligence. Somnath Temple

Interesting facts about the place: This is the powerful temple which has been destroyed six times but has been rebuilt six times. The recent update of the temples rebuilt has been in November 1947. The removal of curse has been done by Lord Shiva after Soma had made a jyotirlinga and worshiped the god.