Names and synonyms of temple: The oldest stone structure ever created in India is none other than the great stupas. This was commissioned by the Emperor of that time namely Asoka the great. The structure is really simple with a brick structure built upon the relics of Buddha which is also been crowned by the chakra. Individual having a look at the structure would know about the implication which is high rank. The Sanchi Stupa is one of the world heritage sites which are declared by UNESCO. Sanchi Stupas The ornamental gateway of the particular stupas is really encircling of the whole structure.

The stupas are surrounded by Toranas and are the representation of trust, love courage and peace. People can have a view of this wonderful tourist destination from 8:00am in the morning to 5:00 pm in the evening.

Place: The place where Sanchi Stupas is located is known as Stupas. This is a tiny village which is located in a popular district of Madhya Pradesh. People located at north east portion of Bhopal will be able to reach here by travelling 46km. There are many individuals who stay at Vidisha and Besnagar.

Ashoka married Devi, the daughter of a regarded person of Vidisha. Ashoka’s son Mahendra visited Sanchi with his mother before leaving for the Lanka Island.

For them, visiting this place is really convenient as they don’t need to travel more than 10 km. Visiors will find Various types of Buddhist monuments here. People with Buddhist religion visits this place and get a good association with their religion.

Description: A wonderful specimen of Buddhist art which are also hemispherical domes and needs to be preserved for retaining one of the wonderful heritages of India.

Lord Buddha is placed in the Central chamber of this place. Sanchi stupas were regarded to be sacred and were enlarged during shunga period. The stones and railings were used in order to decorate the same.

At the top position of the stupas, one would make it an association with harmika. One will also visit the circumambulation which is placed in the main stupa of that region. Sanchi Stupas

Some interesting facts about the place: You will be amazed to see the rich sculptures with the gates. It is amazing to have a view at the motif’s as well as designs of the premises of the temple. The symbolical representation of Lord Buddha is been viewed in the wheels as well as the foot prints in the temples. This is not only the place for Buddhists but for all religious peoples as a tourist attraction as well.

The peak of the Ashoka pillar which consists of 4 lions has been set aside in the museum maintained by the Archaeology department. The technology was advanced at the time of Ashoka which is proved by the weight and size of the pillar point. It is incredible to bring the stone for engraving the pillar from the pit to Sanchi and setting it up the hill. Tremendous job had been done by the engineers.