Names and synonyms of the temple: The Kalkaji temple is solely dedicated to the powerful goddess named Kalka Devi. During various religious occasions, people from different parts of the world have seen to make a gathering to view the religious occasion and the power of the goddess. Kalkaji Temple The decoration of the temple is done through the association of small and red flags. There are women and men perticipates in the play of folklore and other important devotional activities. Generally the local people are solely enjoys this powerful festival.

Place: The temple is situated in the hills with the power of Ma Kali. People are overwhelmed by light when they could see the light for the entire night. Even if the power of goddess is ambiguous, people would find it to be really powerful. There is tantric arati in the temple which takes place every day in the temple at 7:00pm. You can also have a view of Bahai temple just near to the temple of this powerful Kali Ma. During the time of Prithviraj Chauhan, the temple of Goddess kali have been in its form. People are unaware of the powerful temple and the legends with this.

The complex of the Kalkaji temple is located on the Delhi metro which is between the Nehru Place bus terminus and Okhla Railway Station. It is on the right side of the Bahai Lotus Temple. Its nearby temple is ISKCON Temple.

Description: The temple is one of the oldest in the earth which have been built up in 1754 AD. There is a boost for Kalkaji among which was always in existence from 3,000 years.

The temple was built at the particular time when the Marathas were in the power to rule the particular place. People would really have a hardship to believe the fact that the shrine of goddess is an antique one. During the reign of Yudhistir, the temple and the goddess was also been worshiped by Pandavas and Kauravas. Kalkaji Temple Many devotees come to the Kalkaji Mandir right through the year though the peak point of their prayers and carnivals comes at the time of Navratri which occurs twice a year, i.e. in the Spring and the Autumn. It is a 9 day Hindu festival. A large fair is formed hair during the festival. The Devotees are gathered and sung different type of hymns and praised Goddess Durga.

Some other information about the place: There is a story behind this famous Ma Kali temple. There was a king who had lost several battles while he fought with an invader.

This is the only place where he was bound to take shelter when he had lost all his army in front of the invader. He was asleep and had a dream of Goddess Kali. The Goddess asked him not be to a loser and try his luck once again. In the morning, he was surprised to have a troop which has lost. He followed the instruction of Kali and carried on with the battle once again and succeeded .