Names and synonyms of the mosque: The name of this mosque has got different emphasis with regards to different language. The former name of the mosque is known as Masjid-i Jahan-Numa . This mosque has been commissioned by the famous mughal Emperor named shah Jahan. The builder of the wonderful tourist attraction, Taj Mahal has only made this wonderful mosque. After few years, the name has been changed to Jama Masjid. This is the wonderful religious destination for every pure Muslim people.   Jama Masjid This name has been provided in order to create a reference with Friday noon congregation prayer of Muslim people specifically known as Jummah. Another name of this particular mosque is also known as Jami Masjid.

Place: Jama Masjid is one of the famous mosques in the history of India which is located in the city of Delhi. This is also known as the principal mosque which is specifically located at old Delhi. The exact location of the Masjid is at Chawri Bazar road of Old Delhi.  It is astonishing to learn about the fact that, the courtyard of the mosque is so big that, at a any point of time, it can place twenty five thousand people or the worshipers to visit the mosque and carry on with the act of worship.  

Description: The construction of the mosque is done with the white marble as well as the most precious sandstone available in the market. There is north as well as south gates of the mosque due to which people can eventually get an entrance from both the directions.    As per their religious implication, the gate located at the eastern position remains open on Fridays. This gate was specifically to make an entry as well as exit by the emperor.

Generally the devotees are been cluttered in the particular place who offers Namaz during every religious festival of Muslim.

Interesting facts about the mosque: There are people who wish to enter the mosque even if they are not of Muslim religion. Jama Masjid  In such situation, they have enter the premises of the most only in a specific time which is been mentioned by the administration or the management of the mosque. The corridor which people come and offer Namaz is been flanked by the pillars.

You can also visit the domed pavilions in the middle of the street. There is also a prayer hall which is magnificent and has got twelve arches.