Name and synonyms of the temple: Mughal Emperor Akbar donated the land to the Sikh religion which helped building this great Temple. Since the temple was specifically for individuals who have got a belief for Sikh religion, fourth and fifth Sikh Gurus have taken initiative to oversee the building project of the powerful Golden temple. Golden Temple The starting time of temple’s establishment was in the year 1574. The completion of the building project was done in the year 1601.

This temple was one of the major tourist attractions and hence the restoration of the same took more time.

Place: Golden temple is the main attraction of Amritsar in Panjab. Sikh people are proud to be a part of Golden temple. Sikh people from different parts of the world get accumulated at Golden temple whenever a major occasion of Sikh religion takes place. During the reign of Indian Lady Prime Minister, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, she ordered an attack on the Sikh militants accused of amassing weapons and hiding inside this temple. The operation was carried out by Indian army troops with tanks and armoured vehicles and as a result of this fire fight 500 people have lost their lives. All the Sikh people from various parts of the world opposed such attack at this holiest site and assaults on members of the Sikh community within India.

Description: The main attraction of the golden temple lies with its name. In 19 centuries, 100 kg of god have been bought from the wholesaler of gold and was applied to the structure of inverted lotus shape dome on the golden temple.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh contributed a lot in making the temple filled with gold metal and the exclusive marble work is done in this temple. Golden Temple The king has contributed in providing the precious materials in the powerful golden temple.

In spite of setting up the construction on the upper level which is the trend in any Hindu Temple construction, 5th Sikh Guru Arjun Saheb constructed it in subordinate level. Normally a Hindu temple consists of only 1 entrance and exit. But the Golden temple it consists of 4 gate (1 gate on each side of temple). Thus Guru Arjun Saheb made a symbol of new belief, Sikhism. It is accessible to each and every kind of person without and distinction in gender, caste or religion.

Architecture of this temple stands for a distinctive harmony between the Hindu and the Muslims way of building work. This is regarded as the best architectural sample of the world. It is said that the architecture of Swarna Mandir has made an independent Sikh institution of architecture in the art history of India.

Special information about this place: The main attraction of Golden temple is the great sacred statue. People can also visit various types of Sikh temples. One visiting the temple will have to forget about taking alcohol or any other type of intoxicating drinking habit.

You can definitely get to learn about various belief related to Sikh religion. There are many visitors who may not be among the Sikh religion but are really moved to visit various types of religious histories about Sikh people. People can see unity in diversity at this place.