Names and synonyms of the place: Jain religion have constructed various types of temples and associated elements. One of them is known as Dilwara Jain temple. All the temples of Jain religion are made with architectural perfection. The ornaments in the temple can be of carved ceilings, pillars, doorways etc. Dilwara Jain Temple People would be really felt marvelous with regards to the opulent entrance way of the temple. Among all the beautiful temples which the Jain religion has built up, Dilwara Jain temples are specifically known for its architectural perfection.

Place: Individuals willing to avail a tour of Rajasthan would find a beautiful temple at Mount Abu of Rajasthan. This is the only hill station in Rajasthan where people from far and near come to avail the beauty of nature. You just need to travel a distance of 2 and half km to reach these Dilwara Jain temples. Between 11th to 13th centuries AD, the popular temple has been established by Chalukya which have been decorated with different varieties of marbles.

The place is also known for the establishment of five legendary marble temples in the particular area. This is the most sacred and devotional pilgrimage of all Jain religion people.

Description: The temple had been built up with such an order that, people who have come to offer pray to god at this particular temple will get a scope to take bath and get ready for this sacred puja. Since the place is good enough to use cold water, the author has made the use of passive solar power in order to heat up the water.
People can take bath with the water even if the climate is chilling outside. You can visit the monkeys outside the temple that would look for foods. Dilwara Jain Temple  

Other important information about the place: The five beautiful temples of this place are Vimal Vasani, Pithalhar, Mahavir Swami temple, Luna Vasahi and Khartar Vasahi. The temple known as Vimal Vasahi is known as Jain Tirthankara, Rishabha.

This is entirely built on the white marble back in the year 1021. Luna Vashi temple is built in the year 1230 which was again laid down by two Porwad brothers. Pittalhar temple was built by Mandlik within 1458-59. Four faces of mandaps are placed in Parshvanatha temple. Mahavir swami temple is constructed in the year 1582. This have been dedicated to Mahavira with the upper walls of the porch.