Names and synonyms of the temple: People from various parts of world with religious heart visits Dakshinewara Temple all the year. This is the most famous temple of west Bengal founded and maintained by Ram Krishna Mission. It is one of the cleanest and finest piece of art as well.

The term Dakshinewara  been pronounced in Sanskrit. This temple has historical significance as well. Ram Krishna, one of the most accepted avatar of God during 19th century was a priest in Dakshinewara temple. Dakshineswara This temple have got as association of nine spiral temples which is been dominated by lord Shiva. Individual can visit the shiv lingas once he makes a visit at the powerful temple of Dakshineswar.

Place: Dakshinewara Temple is the famous place of religious belief which is located at the city of Kolkata. The temple is specifically situated at the eastern bank of Hooghly River. Ma Kali is the goddess of power in this temple. Powerful goddess Maa Kali is placed in the main temple of the temple. She is the goddess who has power to liberate her devotees to the ocean of desires. Other temples within the campus area of the place are Rani Rashmoni, Ramakrishnadev, Ma sarada devi etc.

Description: The temple and the campus is located just near the bank of river ganga. The temple for Ramakrishna is just beside the corner of the last Shiva temple. The devotees of Ramakrishna contribute a good amount of donation for the development of the temple. Every day a good number of people stand in a queue to offer pray to Ma kali at Daksineswara temple. In the year 1855, Lord Ramakrishna had come to this powerful temple to worship the goddess.

He had got a different relation with Ma Kali, the goddess when he was alive and alone worshiper of this temple. He was so attached with Goddess kali that, she could not say no to any type of demand which he makes. Dakshineswara

Some interesting facts and other information: In the middle of 19th century, Dakshineswari Kali temple has been formed. Even though Rani Rashmoni belonged to Kaivarta caste, she was really happy to go to long pilgrimage with other devotees of Hindu religion. She attempted to take 24 boats for her travel with her relatives and servants. Rani got a dream of Divine mother just before the night of pilgrimage. She asked her not to go to Banaras but to lay her statue in Kolkata, just beside the bank of river Ganges.