Names and synonyms of the temple: A well known Hindu temple build up of a white marble is known as Birla mandir. This is a wonderful temple which is among one of the interesting tourist spots. Birla Mandir The construction of this temple is laid down by Birla foundation. There are more temples established by this particular group and is named as Birla Mandir.

Place: The first temple established by Birla foundation is at Hyderabad. It is located in the state of Andrea Pradesh with its location set up at Naubath Pahad.

This is a well known Hindu temple with an establishment of Lord Venkateswara.

Description: As you get inside the temple, you will get to see the manifests with the blend of south Indian Rajstahani along with the architecture of Uthkala temple. The temple is established and made up of the marbles which were available only at Rajasthan.

The pure while marble from Rajasthan has made the temple look more gorgeous and enlightened. The total amount of marbles used in its establishment is around 2000 tons. The presiding deity established at this wonderful place is made up of the granite. The idol is having a taller length of 11 ft. At the roof of this temple, individuals can visit the carved lotus. The carved lotus flower looks like an umbrella. A person makes a mistake by saying the structure as an umbrella and not a lotus.

There are consorts of Venkateswara. The separate shrines have been established for the idol of Andal as well as Padmavati. Birla Mandir Despite the main deity is the Lord of Venkateshwara, it has pan-Hindu character with goddess Shiva, Ganesh, Shakti, Brahma, Hanuman, Laxmi, Saraswati and Saibaba. The selected knowledge of the holy men and Gurbani are stamped on the walls of the Birla temple. This temple is open to all. It is recognized by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and many other Hindu leaders as a major social evil which was to be renewed in modern India as the part of Freedom Struggle. Birla Planetarium, Andhra Pradesh Secretariat and Assembly are other nearby structures.

The tourist can have a view at the flag staff which is exclusively made up of brass. The flag made up of brass have a record to rise up at the temple premises at a height of 42 feet.

Other interesting facts about the place: There are many more properties of Birla foundation apart from this particular Birla Mandir. There are spinning mills, hospitals and even more temples around various parts of India with this particular name. The construction of this particular Birla temple which is set up at Hyderabad took a long period of 10 years.

You will not get any traditional bells in this temple. This is just due to the fact that the founder of the temple, Swami Ranganathananada wishes to get a silent atmosphere at this temple. The temple should be regarded solely for the meditation.

Transport: This temple is connected by APSRTC buses or MMTS train. It is 7 km away from the Secunderabad Railway Station, 3 km away from the Hyderabad Railway Station, and 5 km away from the Kacheguda Railway Station. Its distance from the Begumpet Airport is only 6 km.