Names and synonyms of the temples: You will find the wonderful shape of horse shoe nail once you are in the Buddhist cave temple. In the ancient times, the caves were used as the houses of refuge monks during the rainy season. During this time, the dry river bed will be filled with the running water from the pool. There are many scenic beauty starting from green vegetation as well as waterfalls. This is a wonderful place for the world class photographers as well.

Ajanta caves’ sculptures and paintings are described "the finest surviving examples of Indian art, particularly painting" by the Archaeological Survey of India. This site is a confined memorial in the care of Archaeological Survey of India. The Ajanta Caves have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983. Ajanta Cave Temple

Place: The popular Ajanta Cave temples located in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. This wonderful cave shaped temples are dedicated to Lord Buddha. The main attraction of the place is the cave temple with the cut outs of the rock. It is possible for every tourist to reach Ajanta cave temples once they take a regular bus or taxi.

From any place of Maharashtra, people can easily make some alteration to reach this beautiful place. Ajanta caves are located around 60 km away from the Jalgaon Railway Station which is placed on the Delhi – Mumbai line of Central Railway Zone. It is near about 105 km away from Aurangabad city. Ellora Caves which contains Hindu and Jain temples as well as Buddhist temples is 100 km far from the Ajanta Caves.

Description: Visitors would be amazed to visit the marvelous architecture of Indian history and heritage at Ajanta Cave temples. Since the world heritage site has acknowledged the wonderful cave temple, people from various parts of the world have known this wonderful place.

Discovery: The captivating Ajanta caves were discovered unintentionally by a British soldiers company in Nineteenth Century. Ajanta caves were buried under the thick plants for a long period. They have also found out the beautiful sulfurous caves which were seen lying deep within the Sahayadri hills. It is really wonderful to visit the cave structure.

These have got a peculiar shape of horse shoe cliffs. The wonderful cave is accompanied by the flowing of Wagura River just at the bottom of the same. Due to the cut of rocks in the caves, the sculptures which have been portrayed have come out more distinctly. Ajanta Cave Temple

Other information about the place: The number of caves in this particular area is not less than 30 in number. The caves were used for the students who have got no place to stay. Also other people belonging to Buddhist religion have shown interest to stay in this particular variety of special caves. If you really wish to experience the adventure, staying in the cave would be a great idea.

You can see various styles of human and animal figures depicted in the sculpture of the wonderful caves. The murals of Ajanta would depict the great history of Apsaras in ancient times. These creative pieces explained all types of people from slaves to king, men and women flowers, plants birds.