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Daily, Monthly and Yearly Free Rashifal for Makara Rashi

Makara Rashi
Moon Astro Brings Free monthly, yearly and Daily report for   Moon Sign.This prediction is based on Indian Vedic Moon sign (Rashi) based astrology.

Predictions are made considering your Moonsign and the effets of current transit alone with the current position of Moon. Moon remain on one Sign for 2.5 days and hence chances of the prediction remain almost same for 2-3 days when Moon on same sign. Moon is the lighest planet and fastest moving planet and hence the transit of other planets are slow compared to Moon. Most effective planets are Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Rahu are considered alone with Moon while prediction for daily, monthly or yearly rashifal.

Monthly Rashfal of Makara Rashi for February, 2017

1st February to 7th February:

You will be mentally stressed out. Your work scope will increase. You will have disagreements with your colleagues. Your relatives will fight amongst each other. You will be mentally very worried. Your business will go moderately well. Your job will fare you better. You might get cheated by someone. Your earning and spending will be in balance. This will be a good time for doctors and writers. You should be careful while travelling. You should be careful about your work. Your income will increase. Your work will go well. You will succeed at what you do. You will earn some money from some new and unknown sources. Your wife will help you in these matters. You will worry unnecessarily about work-matters. Not for being disciplined your

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Yearly Rashifal of Makara Rashi for 2017

People from Capricorn zodiac sign are the kinds of funny people. They are witty and an envelope of humor surrounds them. They can be satirical sometimes. They will thrive over their ironic statements. Your are a knowledgeable person, you will feel sorted with your qualifications. You are having enormous faith on God. Your honesty and devotion makes you feel sacred and you are also helpful to other people. This nature of yours is liked by many. You will help people when they will need help the most. You shall be truthful to yourself and your belief in God will raise your confidence and help you compete with other people in this world. You will be rich. It is assured of your ability to earn good sum of money. You will be having an incremented salary. Rich status will make you happy and you w

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Daily Rashifal for Makara Rashi on 24th February, 2017

You should check the trustworthy of your business partner and your spouse. You also can evaluate your approach towards them and their approach to you. Try to give them respect. You should not misunderstand them. You must make out them wisely. You will be able to spend this day peacefully. You will also be able to pass this day happily. There is a high chance that you will be victim of annoyance and irritation. You must suppress it. You will meet some helpful and wise person who will be provided their assistance to you in the future. It is not ideal day to cam into any important conclusion in respect of business is concerned. It will be harmful to you. You must not invest your finance in the share market or any other place as it will incur loss on this day. You must refrain yourself from opening a new assignment on this day. You will suffer a huge loss if you do not obey this. You should avoid any type of purchase and sales. It will be harmful to you. You are prohibited to take part an

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