Libra Moon Sign Tula Rashi  June 2017 monthly prediction .

Libra Moon Sign Tula Rashi June 2017 Libra  House is Ownes by Venus (Sukra). Moon sign (Rashi) Libra  means that Moon was present in Libra  Sign in birth time. If you do not know your moon sign, Please generate free Horoscope Prediction to know this. Please note that this is not Western Sun sign based prediction.

Tula Rashi, 1st June to 7th June:

A certain possibility that you may be harmed by some of your close relatives. A chance of growth in number of rival. You are to face a financial loss soon. But your job career is somewhat auspicious for you now. A sudden blow of ailment, especially related to your stomach may keep you worried. You may get an abrupt financial help.While your business luck is a pure win - win, your job may be not very good and may give you a kind of undue pressure. You must keep a watchful eye on your enemies; else they may try to utilize each chance to harm you. It is likely that your mental tension may be increased over some issue. Stay calm when dealing with your spouse, otherwise you may lead to hostilities.Your own headstrong attitude can affect your life negatively. Your mother may have a bad health. Romance is in the air for you now. You may have a blissful romance now.In job, there is a chance that you may have a promotion. Your friends might act well at this time. You may be preoccupied with thoughts about your children.A probability that your job option may be expanded. A moderate business time is to follow .

Tula Rashi, 8th June to 14th June:

A travel opportunity is to come, and you must grab it to enhance the quality of your living . But , you may be worrying about your wifes physical condition . Perhaps , your worries are for no serious reason . But a economic crisis can follow . A mediocre health is expected . You have a fortunate phase now , and you can succeed in any thing , if you try .Your stomach ailment can give you stress . Domestic affairs can be getting tougher than you have thought . You may have marital dispute . A good time for business endeavour .You may feel enthusiastic, which may help you to do your job with a smile . As a result , a successful job career is anticipated .Though your health may be satisfactory , you may have disagreeable issue in your marital partnership .A series of tension may continue to fret you , regarding your domestic life . Other mental stresses may be there for you . You may find yourself in a commercial crisis .A joyous health may prevail . Relatives may come to your place . Your job pressure may be enlarged . It is possible that some of your longed wish may come to be fulfilled .

Tula Rashi, 15th June to 21st June:

If you are a physician or a book dealer , you are to look forward to a charming time . Your spending may be increased . An agreeable time for your friendly ties .You might hope for a hidden love to appear before you . Your mental tension may be cut short soon . A balance between your income and expense should be following .In your office or job , you may be honored with due respect . A feasibility of change in place is there for you .In the sphere of business , you are to have a moderately well moment . An equal ratio of earnings and expenses is to be expected . You are required to overcome a bunch of obstacles in your educational life . But your friends may be supportive and may behave affectionately .You should better be careful , as an abrupt blow of injury is waiting for you . You might have a possibility of increased spending .It seems you may very soon enjoy a delightful love relationship . A restless mind is to be looked forward to .

Tula Rashi, 22nd June to 30th June:

A carefree health may continue . But a friend may not be as innocent as you have expected . A rise in number of opponent is to be hoped for .Do not expect a high benefit in your job or business . In both the field your luck is mediocre this time .You may witness some affectionate behaviour of your relatives . However you may check out your expenses , else it may be increased .Only a regular physical condition may follow . A possibility is there , that you may have to borrow some amount of money from an acquaintance .Your dormant talent may be exposed now . Consequently , you may be attributed due respect .Some good news may be coming right now to make you gleeful . You may be relieved of your mental depression or anxiety . A middling earning is likely to continue .You have a risk of getting harmed by some of your enemies , belonging to the opposite sex . It is a heavenly phase for you in terms of job . A mediocre business may prevail .You may be causing harm to yourself because of your own obstinacy. A economic crisis may come . Your spending may be getting larger by now .You should be careful about your mothers health. You may be fretting over it perhaps. In the section of job, you may confront a certain disagreement .

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