Cancer Moon Sign Karkat Rashi  April 2017 monthly prediction .

Cancer Moon Sign Karkat Rashi April 2017 Cancer  House is Ownes by Moon (Chandra). Moon sign (Rashi) Cancer  means that Moon was present in Cancer  Sign in birth time. If you do not know your moon sign, Please generate free Horoscope Prediction to know this. Please note that this is not Western Sun sign based prediction.

1st April to 7th April:

Your health may be well and good. you might get married this time. This may be a good time to get married. You may get to travel a lot to a lot of different places. You might get injured while travelling so you should be careful while travelling. Your friends may help you in your tie of distress. Your friends may always be by your side in your time of distress. You should not invest money in new projects. Your job may fare you well. Your job might get affected by your enemies. Your enemies may try to spoil your years of hard work. Money may be drained like water. There would be too many unnecessary spending. Your business may not run very well. Your workplace may be well and good and it may also provide you great honor and responsibilities. Your mothers health condition might get worse. Your workplace may be good and well. This time may be good time for farmers. You may be drawn towards spiritual things. You may spend a lot on unnecessary things.

8th April to 14th April:

You may be worried for your relatives. Your health may be good. you may spend a lot on a lot of unnecessary things. You may be successful in wooing your crush. You may also do good in studies. You may be appointed for some important administrative work. Your honor may be intact in your workplace. You may be respected by your juniors at your workplace. Your earnings may increase. There might be problems in your relationship. Your health might be not very well. Your wishes might get fulfilled. You might have problems in your job. Your business may be going well. You may live a peaceful life. You may be enthusiastic at your workplace. Your earnings might increase. Your children may be nice to you. Your worries may get lesser. problems at home may increase. You may spend a lot on shopping. Your friends may help you in your trouble time.

15th April to 21st April:

You might succeed at your work and you should be proud of your establishments. There may be peace at home. You might lose a lot of money while travelling. Your work might get affected because of your enemies. Your fathers health might not be very well. Your work might get affected because of your own lack of concentration. Your expenses may get increased. Your mothers health might not be very well. Because of too many workloads and your daily life may get hampered. You may do good in your job. Your health might not be very good. your health may be good. your work scopes may increase. You may do good in business. Your health may not be well. There may be many disturbances at your work place. You might be disappointed with your partner. You might be depressed. You may be religious. You might seek help from religion. You might get the help of your honest friends. Your work schedule might get hectic.

22nd April to 30th April:

You may get enthusiastic about your new project. Your responsibilities at your workplace may increase. You might feel tired. You may be worried about your domestic problems. You might be worried for your children. You might fight a lot with your partner this week. You should not take up debts from someone close to the family. You might earn fame from your work. You should control your spending habits. Your health may be okay and good. this may be an excellent time for actors. Your daily work may be well taken care of. Your fights with your partners might increase. Your worries may get lesser. your wishes might get fulfilled. You might be worried for your daughter. you may get to travel to a lot of new places. You may earn good may from your work place. You may earn respects from your colleagues. Your income may get increased. Your health may be well and good.

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