Aquarius Moon Sign Kumbha Rashi  January 2017 Monthly Prediction .

    Aquarius Moon Sign Kumbha Rashi January 2017 Monthly Prediction Aquarius  House is Ownes by Saturn (Sani). Moon sign (Rashi) Aquarius  means that Moon was present in Aquarius Sign in birth time. If you do not know your moon sign, Please generate free Horoscope Prediction to know this. Please note that this is not Western Sun sign based prediction.

Moon Astro Brings Free monthly report for Aquarius  Moon Sign.This prediction is based on Indian Vedic Moon sign (Rashi) based astrology.

Prediction for January 2017

1st Januaryto 7th January:

If you belong to the group of horoscope Aquarius, consider yourself lucky to make several trips. You will travel many leisurely places in short period of time. If you are studious and willing to do serious studying you will do good in studies. This is the right time for you guys as your concentration level will reach its peak this week. Married couples will have arguments and there will be problems with their relationships bothering them. Economically you shall remain stable. You will earn a lot of fame and people will notice you for good reasons. You shall be free from mental stress. Be happy, your house will be full with close people, relatives and well wishers. They shall make you delighted and you may find yourself in a laughter gang with relatives around you. You will be seen spending money. Businesses will be giving good profits in output, so its good if you are a businessman this week. Earnings will be medium to the people of this horoscope. An envelope of pressure will be surrounding you in your work place . Tough times are ahead of you in your designated place of work. Uncertainty surrounds your post. Enemies will try their best to harm you. Only way you can avoid them is by staying aware and focused. 6th of Jan will be the most fortunate day in the week for Aquarius people. You will have to spend a lot on trips. People who hate you or the ones you hate may give a shot to cause problems in the place of your job. Your father will suffer from health issues this week. You will stay sad and tensed. This will not be one great week for you, one you want to forget.

8th Januaryto 14th January:

People from Aquarius horoscope this week will have to spend some money because of relationship issues between husband and wife. Maybe, chances of divorce or serious levels of relationship breakdown. Business, again this week will be free flowing. Businessmen will again have a great lucky week. angry man , cant control your anger? Well have control of your anger, be careful in using your words. Your horoscope tells spending of big amounts of money for the people who deals with anger issues and the people used to harsh words and rough behavior. Domestic arguments related to your family members will be an issue you will be dealing with. This week like the previous one will again bring heaps of misunderstandings between husband and wife. Relentless quarrels with be a common feature. You will feel tensed and be very cautious, thoughtful about your mother. There will be times you will become emotional thinking of your mother. Lovely memories spent with your mother will be missed by you. Wife will lead you into spending. She will be a cause to your expenditures. No improvements in your income it will remain the same. You will not be in the peace of mind this week as your mind will be diverted thinking of a relative who is in problem and you will think to find a solution and help him other . You will have better health conditions and develop a good physique. You shall be full of excitement and enthusiasm with your work after some serious problems which were sorted previously. You will look for a new start all over again with a more intriguing involvement in your job.

15th Januaryto 21st January:

In this week, you will have a lot of stress mentally draining your confidence level down as you will be assigned to a handful department of critical works. You will lose your patience seeing your close relatives fight. You will be hurt be misunderstanding among your relatives. Business is stated mediocre. There will be a balance between profit and loss. Servicemen will have great outing. They will feel lucky to have their jobs and will be cherishing success. Anyone, not necessary that you know that person may break your trust and lead you to trouble. So dont trust anyone easily, especially on 17th of January 2017. The balance between income and expenditure will be even. Opportunities will come to you for improving yourselves now it will be up to you if you can grab them. If you can grab your opportunities may ensure you gain money and status. Recent incidents that had gone in your life will keep your mind fresh and blossom happiness in your life. You will remain lost and lose your concentration in doing your job. However that wont have any severe effect. Religions will take its toll within you. You might feel suddenly very religious this week. On 20th of January you will meet a special friend. This week will allow you to make a lot of friends though one will be special to you and the reason for your happy days in future. You will enjoy your friends company. Stay alert as often an advent of great friends make people around you jealous. Out of jealousy an enemy can harm you. Relationships between husband and wife will boost happiness and will enjoy peace and love. Your health status will be mediocre. Nothing to worry about this week regarding your health. Servicemen will again have a Blissful week. Income among them will be high.

21st Januaryto 31st January:

This week will lead you to seek help from your friends. You will have great friends. You will admire your good fortune that would enhance your daily work. Difference in opinions in the place of your work. Various opinions will challenge you to stick to yours firmly in your job. Your income will be good this week. You will be assured a normal health. You shall remain fit and healthy. On 18th of January a problem with your nerves may show up. Consult a neurologist immediately without further delay. This health issue will cause you a lot of pain and suffering. There will be obstacles in your path when you will try to start up a new work. You will meet new people and there are chances of your new met friend to play an important role in your life ahead. Your will get help from your father and mother. They will solve one of your critical problems letting you breathe the sigh of relief.

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