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Aquarius Moon Sign Kumbha Rashi  March 2017 Monthly Prediction .

    Aquarius Moon Sign Kumbha Rashi March 2017 Monthly Prediction Aquarius  House is Ownes by Saturn (Sani). Moon sign (Rashi) Aquarius  means that Moon was present in Aquarius Sign in birth time. If you do not know your moon sign, Please generate free Horoscope Prediction to know this. Please note that this is not Western Sun sign based prediction.

Moon Astro Brings Free monthly report for Aquarius  Moon Sign.This prediction is based on Indian Vedic Moon sign (Rashi) based astrology.

Prediction for March 2017

1st March to 7th March:

If you are having Aquarius zodiac, you will experience loss of money which will give you deep resentment. You will feel worried about the money you would have lost recently and you will be very sad because of that. During this moment of crisis, you will hardly find anyone to support you. You will feel like sharing your crisis but you will have no one beside you and this whole scenario will be a reason for your extended mental stress and mental exhaustion as you will run out of ideas. As the things will not be in your side yet you may find a friend who might secretly motivate you and help you then you may be able to clear all your debts. There will be an uncertainty surrounding your future in terms monetary problems though. Businessmen must not rush into investments in the first week and reduce there rate of money transactions, there are high chances of them making loss and you will feel very uncomfortable and find it difficult to recover from the situation. You will be facing a lot of problems revolving around your family. Arguments and distance with your family members will give you a lot to think about and also result in mental stress. Students will find difficulties with their studies. They will lack concentration and there marks might be coming low. On 5th of March businesses owned by Aquarius zodiac people will run into loss. Servicemen and people engaged to other daily works will have a mediocre outing. For Businessmen it is a very tricky week and they need to be very careful of their imports and exports. Luck will be on your side if you are an actor, lawyer or judge and writer, editor etc. People from these fields will excel in their respective departments and find opportunity to give their best that will make others notice their hard work.

8th March to 14th March:

You may get ditched and someone in disguise may intentionally harm you. Friends will come to your rescue often in your troubles. You will be making many new friends and you shall also feel blessed to have them. Your health status will be good. No kind of illness or disease will disturb your health this week. Suddenly you will start losing money from 9th of March. However this problem of your wont last long. You will be very worried initially though. Servicemen will be having a lucky week in terms of their jobs. Most of your work will be moving in good shape. Employees need to compete harder as there will be a lot of competition in your work place. You may face an accident and hence be seriously injured, be alert on 10th March. Friendships with your friends will be getting stronger. You may expect to receive a help from your friends. If you are in love, committed to someone, then that status of yours will be dealing a blow as your relationship may break and more are the chances of you getting ditched by your partner. Sadness due to love affairs problems may get sorted as you are to meet a new special person who will help you in overcoming your past. You shall be lucky to make time for a trip. Expect brawls and heated arguments with your business partners. Servicemen may expect absolute cooperation from their co-employees. Any sort of investment will not give you your desired result. Be careful before lending some one money. Money lenders will be facing problems in dealing with their clients. Any such agencies will be having inter departmental quarrels and misunderstandings. Journalists will have an excellent week. People related to film industry will have good luck with their work and receive deserved appreciation. The work of the actors in their films will be praised by the audience throughout this week.

15th March to 21st March:

You will have difference in opinions with your coworkers or colleagues. This diversity among the members in your office will hamper your moral towards your work. Your failure in your love life will eat up your mind as often you would go in depression thinking of your past unsuccessful love affair. Your shall be ensured with an excellent health conditions. You will lose some amount of money because of your friend or it may happen that you will spend some money on your friends to help them. Unemployed citizens will have a tough time in search of their job but if they stick to their hard work and determined approach they will definitely succeed. There will be opportunities but you might miss your golden chance to shine in life due to your lack of concentration. Your zodiac symbolizes that you will spend a good sum of money on your friend on 19th of March. On 20th of March you shall not have a good health. Your body may fall ill. If you are unemployed, there is no chance of your getting appointed recently. No luck with your love life this week and due these reasons you will be having a monotonous week altogether. A true friend will help in motivating you yet there will be reasons that will be giving you a lot of mental stress. You are a religious person and you will feel that prayers to God is the only way you can make your life better .

22nd March to 31st March:

Last week of this month will feature good health conditions for all you Aquarius zodiac. You may have your marriage fixed by this time. You may find it a nice time for a trip as you will be provided with ample opportunities. Stay careful as you might hurt your body due to an unseen accident which would just come your way and hurt you and your friends shall assist you to get well. Expect your friends to always support you and stay by your side. You will be able to do savings and also make very good income from whatever method you are choosing for your earrings. Your wishes and hopes can get fulfilled. Matrimonial relationships will blossom during this week as there will be romance and understanding between the husband and the wife. All the mental stress and trauma you were going through will come to an end temporarily. Your enemies will be less and people who dont like you much will start to like you. Servicemen will be also having a good week. Love affairs and problems related to love will get sorted and you will certainly feel that the world is a better place to live in. Only thing that will bother you is your mothers sudden illness. You will continue to have a proper scale of earning and you will end this month with a certain degree of satisfaction in your heart.

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