Virgo Moon Sign Kanya Rashi  October 2017 monthly prediction .

Virgo Moon Sign, Kanya Rashi October 2017 monthly prediction Virgo  House is Ownes by Mercury (Budh). Moon sign (Rashi) Virgo  means that Moon was present in Virgo  Sign in birth time. If you do not know your moon sign, Please generate free Horoscope Prediction to know this. Please note that this is not Western Sun sign based prediction.

Kanya Rashi, 1st October to 7th October:

You will perhaps be worried about something for no such important reason. In some way or other, you will continue to gain money. The day will be spent well.There is a possibility, that you may gain monetary help. Your tension will be increased in an unjustified way. All over, the time is positive for you.There may be a very satisfactory medical condition for you. Your business venture can be positive, but in a moderate way. The job career of your life may be really lucky now. However, there can be an increased mental stress for you.Though, your job life will be very fruitful, you may not be that successful in your business area. A sound health may follow for you. The huge stress will be continuing for a long time.It is possible, that you may experience some sad moments now. On the other hand, you will perhaps have a religious turn of mind this time. You may have money to a certain extent. in your domestic life, you may not be a very lucky man.Your mental desolation may linger this time. You may feel a devotional attitude this time. The quantity of your monetary gain will be limited. Some domestic issues will not be resolved.There is a dangerous probability, that your rival can be expanded by number. Unluckily, you may have to experience some barriers in your romantic life. It seems, you can show an indignant behavior towards people around you. IN terms of job or work, you might feel a kind of lethargy.

Kanya Rashi, 8th October to 14th October:

A chance is there, that your poor health may recover to a certain extent. Harm in the financial life is expected for you. You can be mentally atrociously worried mentally. It is anticipated that, in your conjugal life you will be unhappy.You will be depressed for a certain period of time now. But you may have to be concerned for your health. A financial loss is coming to you. Your married life will be a total mess.You can be dragged in some unwanted dispute. Mentally you may feel a bit low. You may not be energetic towards your work. Your mother’s health many break down soon.There is a vague possibility that a disagreement may appear before you. You can be inattentive in your job. You should be careful about your maternal medical condition. Mental stress is anticipated.In the work place you may have bad experience. In job there will be bad phase too. But in your business you are expected to have a moderate time.This time, you will be honored, more than earlier time. You may be geared up in your job. A promotion in job is in store for you. You are assumed to spend money now.You are advised to keep a safe distance from all sorts of vehicles. You have a risk from vehicles at this moment. You may be experiencing a loss for a reason caused by someone else. It is assumed, there is expenditure in near future for you.

Kanya Rashi, 15th October to 21st October:

This is a lucky time for your academic pursuits. In your family life you must be happy. Though, there is a possibility of disagreement with your wife.You may have a satisfying job profile now. As a result, your mental worries will not be huge.This time you may be seriously in tension for some issues regarding your mother. Your money may be spent in an unexpected way.You are anticipated to succeed in your work. But for that you need to engage rigorous labor.Mental restlessness is may be a normal trait of your present character. A mental anxiety will be following. A mediocre business may prevail.All of a sudden, you can get injured. In any new work, you can lose money. At this point of time, you can expect for a romance to appear in your life.You will have a tremendous work pressure this time. Suddenly, there will be economical gain for you. Your family will be a source of happiness.

Kanya Rashi, 22nd October to 31st October:

It can be vaguely said that it is a good time coming for those, who are medical practitioner or businessman.The chance is there, that you may have monetary well being. An improvement of your finance is seen. In job too, you can have a fair time. Your sons and daughters may have solace in their respective life.For your bad apprehension your work may get ruined. However, your relatives may be helping at this point of time.Your physical condition will be detrimental now. You are expected to be a total failure in your job too. And unluckily you may not have money in your hand.You may be internally whimsical and unstable this time. Perhaps, as a consequence, your work will be a failure. You will not be successful in your business too.On this occasion, your business and job, both may be going well enough. A certain monetary gain is to be looked forward to. In some way your expectation will be fulfilled.Only if, you are engaged in some political pursuit, you are expected to gain stardom. You may feel elated on listening to good news. You can have a satisfactory income this time.You may be very happy now. However, there will be an extra work pressure for you, which may result in your increased income.Your income and expenses will be in accordance.In a partnership business you may gain profit.

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