Sagittarius Moon Sign Dhanu Rashi  December 2017 Monthly Prediction .

Sagittarius Moon Sign Dhanu Rashi December 2017 Sagittarius  House is Ownes by Jupiter (Guru). Moon sign (Rashi) Sagittarius  means that Moon was present in Sagittarius  Sign in birth time. If you do not know your moon sign, Please generate free Horoscope Prediction to know this. Please note that this is not Western Sun sign based prediction.

Dhanu Rashi, 1st December to 7th December:

There are chances of suffering from heart problems at this moment. It is a profitable phase for your work and work place now as you might get many beneficial aspects from certain people or places or agencies. At work and job sector you will be benefited at this time. Heart related problems will be troubling you now due to certain reasons. You are advised not to take new responsibilities as the phase is not according to your wish. For business men it is a medium period. It is a jolly time at your job place now.For persons studying literature and for teachers, it is a beneficial phase. Love relationships will be successful at this moment.Deterioration in health is likely to be seen now. You might face distressed at work. There are possibilities of spending too much money. The phase is too less according to the business men at this point of time.In order to protect your health you are likely to spend too much money now. Pressure at work might remain at this time period. More loads will be seen at work now. A large amount of money will be spent in order to protect your health at this moment.

Dhanu Rashi, 8th December to 14th December:

Your health will not be proper now owing to certain reasons. You are likely to get new communication of work. Lovers will get success in their love at this phase. For married couples, either the wife or the husband might suffer from illness. Parents might remain in tension and stress regarding your children at this stage. You might remain worried owing to your children’s benefit at this moment. In a marriage either the male or the female partner might suffer from certain illness now. Spending too much money will be a loss at this time. There are chances of getting new connections of government jobs now. Disputes are likely to be seen with your father at this time period. Dispute and misunderstanding regarding property will come to its surface at this stage. The problem of dispute will be regarding certain properties. You might get indulged in disputes with your father at this moment. A ray of hope will be seen at this period. You will be benefited regarding income of money now.

Dhanu Rashi, 15th December to 21st December:

You might suffer from stomach or eye related problems now. There are possibilities of spending too much wealth at this moment. You will not be properly healthy at this point of time. There are chances of problems and disputes. At your work place, you will have to suffer now.At this time, problems at your work place will be reduced to some extent. It is a gleeful period regarding familial matters. The phase is profitable for business men. At work and study you are likely to get success now. Couples might enjoy the romantic phase in there relation at this period. It is a jolly period for your work. There are chances of gaining fame and respect now. In business you will be gaining profit. Business men might be gained at this time. You might experience the happiness of receiving Honor and respect now. Regarding work it is a good phase. If you are planning to use your money at this time, there are chances of loss now. In government jobs, there are chances of new connections from certain extent at this time period.

Dhanu Rashi, 22nd December to 31st December:

There are chances of indulgence in misunderstandings and mental distress with your father. Property related disputes are to be seen now. Regarding property there are chances of arising a great problem among some of you. You and your father might suffer the problem of dispute among yourselves at this time period due to certain reasons. There are possibilities of seeing the ray of certain hope to some extent at this stage. You might be benefitted by certain amount of wealth now. Loads of work will be seen at this period by you now. You will not get enough money and wealth according to your demand and hope.Tension and stress will be present regarding property related matters at this time. You might get indulged in disputes with your relatives owing to certain reasons now.Mental distress is likely to be seen owing to various reasons now regarding your work. It is the time to gain a lot of money now. In business it is not the profitable time for businessmen as they are not likely to gain profit from any such certain instances.The phase is not according to the business men at this time period owing to certain reasons. You will be able to earn enough at this time period as the period is on your favored at this moment. Barriers and obstructions which were guarding your way will be removed to make your path smooth and full of happiness. Tension and stress which were worrying for a long period due to certain problems in various issues will be reduced now. It is the time to get enough income as it is a beneficial time period for you. You are likely to receive some amount of wealth from certain people at this moment. Certain problems which were guarding your way might move to make your way clear. Worries which were worrying you might be removed at this stage. If you tend to suffer from mental distress it might lead to certain hamper at this phase. Your expenditure will be more at this moment due to certain reasons.

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