Pisces Moon Sign Meena Rashi  October 2017 monthly prediction .

Pisces Moon Sign Meena Rashi October 2017 Pisces House is Ownes by Jupiter (Guru). Moon sign (Rashi) Pisces  means that Moon was present in Pisces in birth time. If you do not know your moon sign, Please generate free Horoscope Prediction to know this. Please note that this is not Western Sun sign based prediction.

Meen Rashi, 1st October to 7th October:

For literary critics and scientists, it is a bright and shining period. You are likely to do progress in work at this time.Progress is awaiting you at the moment. For scientists and those who study literature, the period is a gleeful one.There are chances of indulging in dispute with your colleagues now. You will remain healthy at this time. You are likely to be unsuccessful in love relationships.Success will not be seen in love relationships at this moment. You might get involved in disagreement with your co-workers. You are likely to remain properly healthy now.You might loss wealth due to your friend. Your health is likely to deteriorate. Obstructions might come in your way of work. The period is medium for you.You are likely to be more energetic in social work now. There are chances of bad rumors being spread for politicians. Love relations might be broken at this phase.Couples in love might face breakups at the moment. You might be more active regarding some social works. For politicians, the time is not in favor as some people might rumors at this time.

Meen Rashi, 8th October to 14th October:

Barriers in business will be seen at the moment. At your work place, you might indulge in some dispute with your co-workers now. Your income will be medium at this phase.You are likely to receive wealth at the period. Some long desired hopes might get its success now. Married couples might undergo romantic and lovely phase.Tension and stress will be reduced now. You are likely to receive hurt in love affairs. There are chances of gaining wealth at the moment. It is a beneficial period at your work place. Your rivals might hamper your work.some enemies might cause harm to you by certain means. At your job place, the period is jolly and bright. You might receive hurt in love affairs. There are chances of gaining some amount of wealth at the moment. Your tension and stress will be reduces to some extent.You will be in stress regarding familial matters. You will be profitable in earnings and health at this phase. It is a happy and romantic time for lovers.There are possibilities of involving in misunderstandings with your father. There will be problems regarding familial matters. You earnings will be reduced at this time due to certain reasons.Pressure of work is likely to get increased now. If you introduce wealth in some new work, it might be a loss due to certain reasons.

Meen Rashi, 15th October to 21st October:

Your bodily activity and labor might be more at this period. Energy in work and other factors will be increased now. It is a bright period in work. Some new things are waiting to happen.There are chances that you might get hurt by some means. The time is beneficial as you may gain things. You are likely to receive help from your friend. Mental tension and stress will be worrying you.You will be in mental tension now due to certain means. The period is a profitable one for you.You will be in stress unnecessarily at this phase. You will receive some amount of wealth. Your day will not be gloomy at this moment.You will enjoy a perfect day at this phase. Unnecessary and sudden tension will occupy you now due to certain reasons. A good amount of wealth is likely to come to you.Your health will remain fit. In business, it is a medium phase. It is a gleeful moment at your job sector for you. Tension due to certain matters will be increased.Stress and tension will be more regarding certain problems. For businessmen, the period is a medium one. It is a beneficial period at your work place.

Meen Rashi, 22nd October to 31st October:

You will be mental sadness and distress at this time due to certain reasons. You will have religious tendency now. Some amount of wealth is likely to be received by you. You will be in stress regarding familial matters.Some problems created in family, will be the cause of your worry and tension. You will be more prone towards religious tendency. Some amount of wealth is likely to be received by you. You might suffer from mental sadness and distress at this time due to certain problems.Your enemies might get increased to certain extent. Obstructions in love affairs will be seen at this phase. Mental anger will be produced at this stage. In work, you will be less active due to certain problems and tension.Your health might remain fit to some extent. You will be mental stress. There are chances of losing wealth at this period. Married couples might indulge in misunderstandings and dispute among each other which may cause harm to the romantic love relationship.There are chances of being mentally stressed. You might loss certain amount of wealth. For married couples, the time is not good as you might indulge in disputes and misunderstandings due to certain reasons. Your health might remain properly fit to some extent.There are possibilities of disputes being created at this moment. You might be in mental distress now. In work, you might feel less energetic. Your mother might suffer from health related issues.You might be in stress due to your mother’s health. You might be in mental distress. You will be less active in work. Disputes will be created now.There will be misunderstandings at your work place. Your work will be simple. In business, it is a medium phase.Honor will be increased due to certain reasons. You will be more energetic in work. Progress will be notified in work. You are likely to spend more wealth.Danger might occur from vehicles. You will harm yourself, due to others’ benefit. Your expenses will be increased now.

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