Leo Moon Sign Simha Rashi  October 2017 monthly prediction .

Leo Moon Sign Simha Rashi October 2017 Leo  House is Ownes by Sun (Rabi). Moon sign (Rashi) Leo  means that Moon was present in Leo  Sign in birth time. If you do not know your moon sign, Please generate free Horoscope Prediction to know this. Please note that this is not Western Sun sign based prediction.

Simha Rashi, 1st October to 7th October:

At this moment, you will be mental distress due to increased pressure of wealth now. There are chances of not having proper health. There will be both downfall and uprising from different aspects. You might be in mental stress and tension regarding familial issues. Disputes will be created at this phase.For those who sell papers, writers and for artists, the time is a good one. There are chances of more income at this moment. You are likely to spend more money now. You will be more energetic in social works. You are going to be profitable in travelling business.Earnings might be more at this phase. One who sells newspapers, those who are writers and artists, it is a profitable phase. There will be more expenses now. You might be active at this period. Travelling business will be beneficial.Your expenses are likely to be more at this period. You might suffer from anger and it might hamper your work. Obstructions will come in your education. Wealth is likely to come at this moment.Try to be alert about your health now. Your surrounding environment will be medium at this moment. Wealth will get hampered due to your own fault.You might receive help from your friend at this phase. Barriers are likely to be seen in travelling. You will have progress in wealth. Your rivals will try to put you in danger. There are chances of some change at certain aspects. Obstructions are likely to be seen in your earnings.Your income will get obstructed at this moment. Some change will be seen now in various aspects. In travelling, you are likely to get obstructions. You will be put in danger by your enemies. Your friends will help you now.

Simha Rashi, 8th October to 14th October:

Some important work will get solved at this period. You will remain healthy. Your expenses and income will be same now.Barriers will come in your work at this phase. If you want to start a new work, it is a beneficial period.Tension will occur due to some true friend now. You might in tension regarding health problems. In business, it is a profitable period. It is a beneficial time at your job sector.Your wealth will get suffered. You mind will remain stress due to certain reasons now. Obstructions are likely to occur at your work. Your health will be properly fit.There are chances of benefit in travelling. You might be in stress owing to your father. More relatives is likely to gather and this might be the reasons of much expenses at this moment.Some problems might get solved now. Your mental balance and support will increase. Some things which you were to get will be received. You will be medium healthy at this period.You will not be too much healthy at this period. You might show a good mental support from within you. There are chances of receiving some things, which you were longing for certain long period. Your problems will get its solution.

Simha Rashi, 15th October to 21st October:

Due to your ego, certain old problems will be solved. You are likely to receive some amount of wealth.Stress will be there due to some problems and difficulties now. There are chances of receiving some things. Certain change might occur.You will receive some things from certain aspects. There are chances of certain change. Certain problems will be the cause of your tension and stress.Tension will occur at the thought of loss of wealth. It is the perfect time to start a new work.In business, it is a profitable period. You will remain busy throughout the phase in work. You will spend too much money at this moment. You mental energy will be more due tom certain reasons.You will be more energetic from mind now. This might be the busiest phase for you in work. Business will gain profit at this moment. Too much wealth will be spent.You are likely to suffer from wealth related problems. Barriers will come in the way of profit. At morning, your problems will reappear. Your mind will be restless at this phase.

Simha Rashi, 22nd October to 31st October:

You will receive benefit from your friends. You will be benefitted at your work place due to your kindness of helping certain persons. Pressure of work will remain throughout. In business, you will have a profitable phase.It is a profitable phase in your business. More load of work will be seen now. You will be benefitted at your work place due to your kindness of helping certain persons. You will be helped by your friend.You will spend more money, in giving certain news. Some tension will be there regarding familial matters. You wealth will get hampered.You will suffer from wealth at this moment. For conveying news, you will have hampered in money. Regarding familial issues, you be remaining in stress.Certain good time and better chances are on its way. Pressure of work will remain throughout.You will get help from certain persons. Though you will remain healthy, there are chances that you might suffer from health related problems. You will spend more money now.Unnecessary you will spend more money and time. Your healthy will remain medium. Your time might get hampered now. There will be dispute created with your brother.You might suffer from mental distress. In work, there will be difficulties created. Too much wealth will be spent now. Your day will undergo a mixed phase.Students will have to pay a great attention in their study books for better results.There are possibilities of gaining some amount of wealth. You will get chances for lottery. Unnecessary wastage of time will hamper your good chances now.

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