Leo Moon Sign Simha Rashi  December 2017 Monthly Prediction .

Leo Moon Sign Simha Rashi December 2017 Leo  House is Ownes by Sun (Rabi). Moon sign (Rashi) Leo  means that Moon was present in Leo  Sign in birth time. If you do not know your moon sign, Please generate free Horoscope Prediction to know this. Please note that this is not Western Sun sign based prediction.

Simha Rashi, 1st December to 7th December:

For a long time you may have spent a laborious time, but now it will be resolved. This is going to be a mixed kind of period. All the new contacts you get now will prove to be virtuous for you.There is a chance that you may have some differences of opinion with your office colleagues. Your character may be improved by the way of traveling. An injury is to be anticipated. You can be getting some wealth.Your given money may return to you now. If you have left some work unfinished, this time you will be getting its due results. You may have some friends willing to assist you.This time will bring you a possibility of establishment. As an expected result, your respect will increase soon. Your thoughts may be a little auspicious this time.Your health will remain sound to some extent. A monetary crisis is to be following. There is possibility that you will borrow some money now. Therefore your mental despondency may tear you up. Your job or businesses are medium this time.A massive financial problem may occur at this moment. So you should have no shame in taking monetary help from someone. You may keep healthy somewhat now. You will not be mentally free of stress. Your fortune regarding your work or business is to be moderate.There is a terrific mental shock waiting for you. A host of new contacts may be of your help. Your mistakes may be responsible for your own misfortune.

Simha Rashi, 8th December to 14th December:

You have now a time, when you may have to pay for your own mistakes. They will snatch your good fate. You may have to bear with an emotional shock. You should now welcome any new contact.At this point of time, you will have an increased reputation. Your money will probably be spent away now. Yet you have job success in store, but your work profile may keep low.For some reason or other, your work or job may be unsatisfactory for a brief time. But you can have your success soon. Your good name will be being spread through. A huge expense is expected now.You may now have difficulty to keep your anger in control. Your financial status will get poor and even deteriorating further. If you help someone you will also get cooperation from someone.You can experience some dispute in your family matters. You may be humiliated by someone. A chance is there that your health will be not so bad. You can have some amount of money now.It is anticipated that you will be involved in an illegal love affair. You are a gainer of money now. Your luck is now not favorable for any kind of lottery. Your stress will be expanded a bit.A monetary gain is to be hoped. You may be happy in some extra marital relationship. Do not go for lottery tickets, as it will only bring you failure. A huge depression will follow.

Simha Rashi, 15th December to 21st December:

Your business will only be ordinary. You may receive help from your friends. It is likely that you will plan some new things.You can do your business positively in medicine or in books. This is a fair opportunity to gain success for both. Mentally, you may feel disturbed. Your physical health may be out of hazard. A good travel can sort things out for you.You may take a trip to some place. It will be beneficial for you. It is a fair time for you to deal in study material or medicine. Your health will keep safe. Your mental status will be stressed.At this hour, you may be worried for your domestic affairs. Your conjugal life will be blessed. If you are to begin something new, then you will be barred by some reason.A serious distraction will be there for your mind. Some sort of unhappiness can be bothering you. There will perhaps be a pressure on you now.The tremendous pressure will be continuing in your life. You may suffer from mental depression. You will moreover be restless now. You may be tensed for someones health in your family. Though a regular amount of money will be credited, you will have extremely huge expense on the other hand. A little amount of agitation is expected for you.

Simha Rashi, 22nd December to 31st December:

At this moment of life, you may have an angry mood. And this will end up in increasing your enemies. In your domestic life too, you may face problems. Your luck related to your business affairs is very ordinary now.If you are a person related to political works your tension will be greater now. At your work there will be a significant worry. You can go for a job, as it will give you good luck. A financial ruin is to appear.You may have to tolerate a false blame made on you in some social work. Your income and your expenses may be same.This is not a good time for you to start any new work or to invest money into something.Presently you can count upon your health. Your job career is to be lucky enough. Some problematic works will be solved shortly.Your academic results may not be very satisfying. Although, your success of professional life will be as good as you have expected. If you are married then you may be fretful over your spouse and his or her health.There is a chance that you will celebrate some auspicious occasion now. Your job will bring you a higher respect. There will be equilibrium between your expenses and your income.This time your spending may outrun your revenue. A consequential pressure will remain on your job career. There will naturally be a financial crisis.Your expenses may be larger now. Therefore your finance will be poor perhaps. You may have a great worry now regarding all these. A regular status of health may persist. Your marital life may give you blissful time.Your bad monetary condition may cause you mental stress. You may be spending excessive money now. A blessed marriage is to be hoped for. Your medical condition will be so.

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