Leo Moon Sign Simha Rashi  February 2019 Monthly Prediction .

Leo Moon Sign Simha Rashi February 2019 Leo  House is Ownes by Sun (Rabi). Moon sign (Rashi) Leo  means that Moon was present in Leo  Sign in birth time. If you do not know your moon sign, Please generate free Horoscope Prediction to know this. Please note that this is not Western Sun sign based prediction.

Simha Rashi, 1st February to 7th February:

You may face huge loss in your business. You may also lose money. You may face hurdles in your life. Your work life may go good. Your economic condition may decrease. if you have planned something to do from a very long time, then there are chances that the wish may get fulfilled. Your father may not support you, though your friends may turn as a blessing in your life. You may get transferred to somewhere you want in your work. There are high chances that you may get something new, so you may try your luck. You may get help from any elder. You may get a new path of earning money, so keep on searching. Though there are chances that you may undergo though stress. Do take care of your health. you may face a lot attached with your partner, and your love life may bloom. All of a sudden you may lose money. Your business may increase in different branches. Your partner may turn supportive to you, though his/ her health may decrease. You may also lose money. Your tension may grab you and you may find unwillingness in your work. Your health issues may get resolved. If you have given loan to someone then there are chances that you will get that money back. Your relatives may visit you.

Simha Rashi, 8th February to 14th February:

your business may grow in different aspects. Your closed ones may vist your place. You may receive any good news, for which you have been waiting really long. There are chances that you may face tension for your children. Maybe, regarding their education or maybe for their future. Your work life will also be balanced, though do not stress much.Your business may go good, and you may be able to realise that it is growing. Your income may go good and may also increase. You may feel tensed. the people who are involved into engineering may get huge benefit in today. The novelist can also try your luck as that they can bring good luck to them. You may face a little Indifference with your wife.You may get huge chances to prove yourself. There are the chances that you may earn a lot. You mental health condition will also be good because of the good things around youyour married life may face issues. You may also receive a lot of appraisal in your work for doing something out of your comfort zone and prove yourself. do not be overprotective with your work as it may only cause tension in your life. you are mental health condition may also decrease and due to that may be your marital life will also get hampered.

Simha Rashi, 15th February to 21st February:

you may face tension due to your family and maybe your partner. The tension will keep increasing. You may lose money. Though, the situation of un-happiness may go away a little. People around you might not appreciate your attitude. Do not talk a lot about your plans, especially with your co-workers, this may prove negative to you in a long run. your economic conditions may turn good; your work life may also be filled with happiness due to some work fulfilment. You may feel a lot of work pressure. There are high chances that you may face a lot of anger in today. This may lead you into facing a lot of problems in your life. Your work load may increase, though do not be over tensed. your health will go good. You may return the Debt if you have taken it from any person. Today may be especially fruitful and good for the people involved into writing.If you are into social service when there are high chances that you will get huge respect for your work. Your work environment will also be encouraging and good.your work pressure may increase; your physical health may also decrease. You may also feel pressurized and tensed, due to issues in your family, especially with your spouse.

Simha Rashi, 22nd February to 28th February:

your health may not go well, due to that you may lose money a lot. You may unwillingness in you work, you may also feel like giving up. You may get a lot of tension.you may find certain charm while travelling. There are chances of you receiving money. You may get moral support from your family, especially your partner. today is specifically good for the courts men, like judges, clerk, and lawyers. You may get money, thus your economic condition may increase. Today may also good for the novelists. The issues you were facing in your work may get resolved. You may achieve something great in your work. Your business may also go good and wealthy.You may get chances all of a sudden maybe something which you are waiting for a way too long. There are chances of you facing an accident, so be protective towards yourself. You may earn a lot of Fame and pride in your family. There are also chances that you may get a lot of appraisal for your social life. Your partner may turn helpful and supportive. Your income maybe will go normal. You may get in touch with along lost friend, or maybe will make new friend. You may feel tensed for your daughter, especially for her marriage.

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