Gemini Moon Sign Mithun Rashi  October 2017 monthly prediction .

Gemini Moon Sign Mithun Rashi October 2017 Gemini  House is Ownes by Mercury (Budh). Moon sign (Rashi) Gemini  means that Moon was present in Gemini  Sign in birth time. If you do not know your moon sign, Please generate free Horoscope Prediction to know this. Please note that this is not Western Sun sign based prediction.

Mithun Rashi, 1st October to 7th October:

There is a possibility, that you may get unnecessary tension in your life. This time you may gain some money. The day will be great for you.More or less, the time may be positive for you. You may have unjustified worries. An immediate monetary gain is anticipated.Your health condition will be improved now. It is expected, that your business will have no bound, and you may have huge profit. An auspicious time regarding your job may prevail recently. However, your mental distress may well increase.A sound medical condition may continue to exist. Though, your job life will be fruitful, but your trade profile may be dangerously poor. As a consequence, your mental worries will be expanded.A sorrowful mind will continue to keep you suffering. You may feel intended on religion. A handful of money may come to you now. You are hoped to experience a dispute in your domestic life.This period of time, you may be interested in some religious beliefs. A lot of mental depression may be there to disturb you. You may receive a few amount of money. Your family life may not be peaceful.At this point of time, your rivals may be increased by number. Certain impediment may bar you from having a good romance. You are perhaps going to have an angry mind. And during your work hours, you may feel a lack of energy.

Mithun Rashi, 8th October to 14th October:

Your health may be a little bit sound. Mentally, you may be depressed. There will be a financial crisis waiting for you. In your marital relationship, you should have some argument.Your monetary deficiency may result in a dispute in your conjugal life. For that very reason, you may feel despondent this hour. A problem free health may continue to exist.Mentally, you will probably be depressed now. Here is a fair possibility, which you may engage in some quarrel. Your maternal health may break down this point of time. You may not be attentive towards your job.You should be careful, as you are expected to have serious argument. Your mother may have a bad health. You may be, as a result, be sorrowful this time. Inattentive attitude may be continuing in the section of your job.However, both your job and business enterprise will be fortunate. Though, it should be remembered, that in your workplace you may have to face some bad situation.Your respect will be increased this time from before. In the field of your job, you may have an increment. A new enthusiasm may come up for your job. However, you may loss some money.You are advised to stay away from some vehicles, as it is a dangerous time for you, when you may get injured from vehicles. You can face some loss because of someone elses error. Spending of money will be necessary this time.

Mithun Rashi, 15th October to 21st October:

Your wife may not appear to be very understanding now. Thus, your relationship with her will be full of problems. You should try to continue your academic career now. Though, it is not a good time for you to go on with your business. A healthy private life will prevail.Your tension will be reduced this time. On the other hand, your worries regarding your mother will be growing up.This moment, your money may be spent in an unworthy way. But, you may have a positive stance in job career.This period of time, you may have to work hard in order to get your work done. Mental anxiety may fret you up. A moderate health will be existing now.In your business career, you may not expect a high rate of success now. It will be only ordinary. You may get succeed in your job, only through hard labor. An anxious mind may prevail.Suddenly, you may receive an injury. A possibility is there; your money will be lost in some new engagement. There is a chance; to have luck in romance may appear before you.There is a certain work pressure on you now. An abrupt financial gain is to come to you now. In the domain of your domestic life, you are going to have a peaceful phase.

Mithun Rashi, 22nd October to 31st October:

It can be said so, that it is a time full of possibility, it only you are a lawyer or a medical practitioner.Your economic condition may be better somehow. Your children may be happy this time. You will be feeling high for your job.You may be seriously thinking about some problems of your career. And this excessive thought may prove itself to be harmful for your work. However, this time, your relatives will be helpful.A very unfortunate phase is going to appear. You may be unsuccessful in your job. No money will be received. Moreover, your health will be destroyed.Mentally, you will be restless now a day. Your work will probably be unsatisfactory. A great loss is apprehended in your business.Both your job and trend, you will gain profit. You are anticipated to earn a lot this time. You may hope for some of your wish to be fulfilled.This time too, your income will be luxurious. In your political endeavor, you should earn fame. There is a chance, which you may get to hear some good news.You may have a time of great mental solace. A great income is to be looked forward to. Though, you may experience a rigorous work pressure.In your business, especially if you have some partners in your business, you are going to have some serious affair with them. There is a balance between your income and your expenses.Your expenses will not exceed your income. If you are doing business with your partner, it is likely to be a problematic phase for you both regarding your common business.

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