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What is special on your birth day ? Or what is unique on your birth day. Yes, this day every year Sun will be exactly on the same place with respect to Earth as Earth takes a whole year to rotate around Sun. Every one born on this day will have Sun with same degree in birth chart. And this means a lot to an astrologer. This information can generalize some of the basic characteristics of your character, life, health, family life, career, nature, finance, etc. Both, Astrology and Numerology predicts based upon this information. Point to be noted here is that every one with same birth date will have same sun sign in birth chart or horoscope.

Astrology calculations depends on all the planetary positions, hence only position of Sun will not be enough in Astrology, but some or lot of information can still be predicted. MoonAstro has detail coverage of all the birth dated in Numerology section from January 1st to December 31st. This information not only predicted but also applied on huge sample to verify its accuracy and modified it accordingly.

Famous Persons born today on January, 17 are listed bellow. They are historian, Film actors, Politician, Leaders, Artists, Scientists, Novel Winners, etc.

Famous PersonBorn On
Muhammad Ali 17/01/1942
Louis Armand 17/01/1905
Louis Capette 17/01/1879
College Girl Mother 17/01/1932
Louis Alexandre Couturat 17/01/1868
Geoffrey Deuel 17/01/1943
Tom Dooley 17/01/1927
Benjamin Franklin 17/01/1706
Martin F Gaffney 17/01/1949
Tony Golab 17/01/1919
Sebastian Junger 17/01/1962
Andy Kaufman 17/01/1949
Chloe Lattanzi 17/01/1986
Theo Lefevre 17/01/1914
Shari Lewis 17/01/1933
David Lloyd George 17/01/1863
Compton MacKenzie 17/01/1883
Carole McDonald 17/01/1918
Conrad Moricand 17/01/1887
Dr Petiot 17/01/1897
Jacques Plante 17/01/1929
Renzo Sambo 17/01/1942
Francis Sayre 17/01/1915
Nikki Katherine Scheerer 17/01/1994
Francesca Snethlage 17/01/1918
Alex Sulkhan 17/01/1951
Domenic Troiano 17/01/1946
Betty White 17/01/1922
Mary Jane Whiting 17/01/1957
Douglas Wilder 17/01/1931
Carole Yawney 17/01/1944
Wendy Yoshimiro 17/01/1943

Above listed persons are famous due to various field or reasons who are leaving as an example of what a birthday can impact as a result. For an example there may me a day in a year in which only soldiers are born. Or there can be a day in which great artist only born. Example of the biography helps us guiding our life path to choose the right direction or take preventive action or precaution for any bad thing that may happen in our life. Again please note that Sun Sign is not the only factor that drives ones life so, there may be several other factors in the person born on the same day. As per Indian vedic astrology birth star is and moon sign is more important to determine ones life and destiny. There are several common factors as per Sun’s position which is discussed here only. So follow the guideline given in the detail of the person born today from the link above.